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 Madrasah Tawheed  
Madrasah At-Tawheed As-Salafiyyah
A Salafi Institute Located in the City of Ede, Osun State, Nigeria

After an intensive but blessing-filled year of learning in the Salafee-Oriented Institute, the Management of Madrasah Tawheed, Ede, hereby announces entrance exams into Basic, Intermediate and Higher Mustawayaat including the Pre-Thanawee and Thanawee Levels starting from Saturday 7th March '15.
Time: 10am.
Venue: Madrasah Tawheed, Oke Iresi, Ede.
Enquiries: 08060369176, 08158977746.
Let's take a voyage in another Salafee learning...

Academic Levels:

1. Pre-Institute Studies,
2. Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six Lower Classes [Al-Mustawaa Al-Awwal Ilaa As-Saadis],
3. Pre- Thanawiyyah and Thanawiyyah [Men and Women]

Subjects Offered:

Qur'aan (Memorization, Tajweed and Tafseer)
Hadith (Memorization and Studies)
Arabic Grammar (An-Nahw)
Arabic Syntax (As-Sarf)
Arabic Rhetorics (Al-Balaaghah)
Taarikh (History)
Mahfoodhaat (General memorization of Islamic poems, sayings of the scholars, etc.)
Islamic Jurisprudence [Al-Fiqh]
Halqah Session (Fiq'hu Fee Deen)

Main classes take place on weekends except the pre-Thanawee and Thanawee classes which run through Mondays to Thursdays.
The classes are open to all – workers and students. They can always come on weekends and go.
Men are women classes are separated; no intermingling of the opposite sex, female students (married and non-married) are highly encouraged to use Niqaab.
The tutors are qualified and dedicated, and they are Salafees, Insha Allaah.
House rent is not exorbitant in Ede and its environs.
Tutor fee is highly affordable just N1000 per semester.
No boarding facilities for now.
The Institute will resume a new academic fatrah Saturday, 21 March, 2015 [Tentative].

For further information please call the following numbers:
+234 803 209 44 26
+234 806 036 91 76
+234 815 971 08 87

Always visit www.simplysalafiyyah.com for your online voyage on the path of the Salaf, Insha Allaah