Special Appeal to Help the Cause of SimplySalafiyyah.Com

In the Name of Allaah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The idea of www.simplysalafiyyah.com was borne out of the curiosity to safeguard a section of the Muslim cyber audience from the hazard of horrendous information they are exposed to in their daily lives, and above all to teach Islam according to the thought and methodology of Salaful'Ummah. The aim of the website is to teach the growing Internet audience in the country, Africa and the world at large, the basics of Islam, among others, as espoused in its pristine sources.

Thus since March this year, when we came online, we have been marching on by the Mercy of Allaah the Great. Our hope is to remain on the struggle till we shall leave this world. Meanwhile we write to solicit your support for our activities. As a nascent Islamic website, the primary aim is to preach Islam to all not to do business, at least for now. It is for this reason that it has become increasingly expedient that some people come to our aid financially due to some of the problems outlined below:

*Day-to-day running of the website that includes how new uploads are made etc. internet connection is a problem in this regard. We need a functional way of getting connected when we need to.

*Giving some token to some of our researchers who until now have not been given a dime. Though they do the work fee-sabeelillah, but we think giving them some incentives is not misplaced. Also under this is the fact that we have various sections in terms of languages which until now we have not got the needed expert translators to handle which may not be possible without incurring some charges. For instance we are making moves on how to contact some reputable translators from Cote D'Ivoire to handle the French Section of the website. That is just an example.

*Equipping ourselves with more tools to ease how we serve our audience better. This includes purchasing new Islamic books (mainly Arabic), journals, periodicals, magazines, audio tapes; travelling to meet local scholars, and making calls to scholars abroad when the need arises, etc. Those are some of the areas we need help and that have necessitated our reaching out to you hoping that Allaah the Mighty Lord will use you to aid this little effort.

Therefore we beseech you to come to our support we shall be grateful if you do. For more about us, we implore you to go over this link to know more about what we stand for. You can follow this link to contact us. And if you want to drop something for us then click here. BaarakaLlaahu feekum.

We hope to hear from you soonest, may Allaah the Mighty Lord make that very possible.

Aboo Aamir al-Atharee
Ede, Nigeria.
Jumaadal-Aakhirah 29, 1434/5th May, 2013.

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