A Rejoinder to the ‘Encounter’
[Part One]

Ibn ‘Aun – Allaah’s mercy on him - said:
‘When desires overpower a heart, a person will praise what he used to dispraise.’
Recorded by Al-Imaam al-Akubaree in al-Ibaanah, 45.

All praise to Allaah, the Only Guide to the truth. The choicest benediction on the noblest of people; his household and Companions.

While the Ummah in South West Nigeria is struggling with the Fitnah of the Jabtawees – the group that has taken grip on some youths who are completely daft of the rulings of the Shariah, there came the writing of a fellow who is seemingly suffering from the effect of a sordid inclination to westernization and modernism with a plume hiding behind a cloak to attack.

The fellow is well-known on the social media viz. the Facebook – which has become a home of Fitnah of recent.

He wrote to take the Ummah back into an abyss of ignorance and misguidance. May Allaah protect us and him from that.

He wrote, may Allaah hold back his finger from evil, to vindicate the Jama’ah Tableegh. He wrote to impugn that there had been crass exaggeration about them in the past; even if there had been some wrong with them, Jama’ah Tableegh has turned a new leaf! And the brother does not mind going out with them, in fact, he is now a proud Tableeghi. O Allaah, do not lead us astray after guidance.

As normal, a horde of low IQ admirers followed suit. Some Tableeghi hands began to scribble, supplicating for their new Voltron, an erudite English Language scholar.

It is saddening, because the brother is an acquaintance, though a brief one. He was once known to be close to people we think are upright in the Sunnah; we do not however praise them above Allaah. But of recent when his English Language Project began to take a good part of him such that he never devoted any breathing for the learning of the Deen, we began to fear for him. Till today he still displays his life pictures where he won one or two awards in English Language, even after he had been told he should stop doing so. So it is no surprise if he now wakes up hating the Salafees. Most often, people like him always find solace in Tableegh Aqeedah that allows you to do whatever you like even if it is haram or shirk until you see the Light! O Allaah, do not lead us astray after guidance.

So he told us he is now guided in Tableeghiyyah: “Finally, I thank Allah for giving me the patience to interact closely with Jama'atu tableegh. I would have unfairly kept on relying on what people say about them…”

His justifications for Tableeghiyyah are a 12-count crap. We like to see them one after the other Insha Allaah.

First Point

He wrote: “I was approached by three tableegh brothers at the University of Ibadan Central Mosque around October, 2014 - one Pakistani, two Nigerians. One of the Nigerians happened to be Ustaadh Jamiu Inisa, a graduate of Al Azhari University, Egypt. I initially didn't want to give them audience but I saw it as an opportunity to engage them on some issues like why they prefer Pakistani outing to hajj etc. They responded to my questions and arguments with sound knowledge and not their usual 'As-we-heard-it-from-elders'. I considered their points logical and decided to attend their 2014 Ijtima' in Ibadan after a decade.”

One thing is very clear from that point, the guy had been silently courting Tableeghiyyah from 2014. This is 2017! By October, he will be three years on the Path of Ilyas. He said he engaged those people on some issues ‘like why they prefer Pakistani outing to hajj etc.’

He said: ‘They responded to my questions and arguments with sound knowledge and not their usual 'As-we-heard-it-from-elders'.’

Saddening, what does he know about sound knowledge? Let him tell us those issues and the sound knowledge with which his new teachers responded.

And why do they prefer Pakistani outing to hajj?

So he considered their ‘points logical and decided to attend their 2014 Ijtima'…’

That is the problem with folks with scholastic leaning – those who subtly subscribe to the Greek Philosophy such as Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Language, etc., which his ilk are exposed to and which they take down their throats. It is logical reasoning! Logical reasoning! The beginning of deviation.

Point Two

He wrote: “At the Ijtima', I was impressed by one of their elders who spoke on Islamic family system contrary to my expectation of their usual '6 points'.”

What did that elder say about the Islamic family system that impressed this fellow? What yardsticks did he use to know whether what he said was correct or not. And have they jettisoned the baseless ‘6 points’? Or they cloak their Da’wah with ostentations to cajole fools which I pray Allaah should save him and me from?

Point Three

He wrote: “Leveraging on my positive experience, the tableegh brothers in my area invited me to their morkaz. Unfortunately, the day was the turn of an ignorant foreigner to give bayyan. He narrated 3 stories none of which was authentic. I had to leave quickly because I was afraid my antivirus would soon be corrupted. Angrily, I criticized them for bringing up such an ignoramus.”

You have not really proved that ‘positive experience.’ Who knows if that ‘positive experience’ is not crass nonsense!

The ignorant foreigner you referred to indicates the Jama’ah is still the same. If they have really improved, as you and your admirers are claiming, they ought not allow any ignorant person to mount any podium to preach but their ‘scholars.’ You and I know that when you see any Tableeghi outers in any Masjid what you hear from them till date is sheer misguidance and deviation.

And where are their scholars? Their Muhammad Khandalavis - Muhaddithoon?

Point Four

He wrote: “I didn't attend the 2015 Ijtima' due to the morkaz experience and pressure from my close friends (salafees). I was surprised to hear that a popular sunni sheikh that had left tableegh dawah for about 30 years was in attendance!”

You did not attend the 2015 Ijtima even though the Tableeghis had impressed on you. You said the ignorant foreigner experience put you off. Just that? And warning from Salafee friends of yours. May Allaah reward those Salafee friends best. So you have been warned all along, but you had your plan and Allaah had a plan. Today, Allaah exposed you.

You did not attend but the news of the comeback of a ‘sunni sheikh’ gladdened you about the Tableeghis. Alhamdulillah, you said a ‘sunni sheikh’ not a ‘Salafee sheikh.’ Yes, there are many ‘sunni sheikhs’ out there, especially in our beloved city of Ibadan, as for Salafee sheiks, we pray Allaah let us have many of them. Mind you, we do not subscribe to those ejecting the ‘sunni sheikhs’ from Islam.

For you to be sure, we consider the Tableeghis to be Muslims even though they are off the Aqeedah and Manhaj of the People of Sunnah and the Followers of the Way of the Companions, more than a scholar of the Deen has said that. We said that, to spite the Jabtawees. We have never for once admired their misguidance. Point Five

You wrote: “My admiration of some virtues in tableegh brothers like (1) their strong faith in Allah, (2) preference for the next world and (3) relentless dawah took me to 2016 Ijtima' in Lagos and Ibadan last month.”

The admiration you mentioned here, when did it come, before 2015 or after? Remember you said the experience you had about the ignorant foreigner put you off, so when did you start admiring them again?

The Tableeghi virtues according to you: “(1) their strong faith in Allah, (2) preference for the next world and (3) relentless dawah.”

Stronger faith than every other people! If we may ask what faith? Is it not Eemaan, you are referring to? The one that has Six Pillars: Belief in Allaah, Malaaikah, Rusul, Kutub, Yaomal-Aakhir and Qadar? Or the belief in Allaah alone?

If the latter, what is the Tableeghi belief in Allaah, O miskeen? Ask them: Where is Allaah? Does Allaah have Hands? Does He have Eyes? Ask them, Mr Man, about their belief regarding those.

You said they prefer the next world! So other Muslims, especially your now-hated Salafees, like my humble self, love this world. We like to stay put!

Go and know, the Soofiyyah of Tableeghiyyah which you interpreted to be Faith in Allaah is in competition with other Soofiyaat: Nashqabandiyyah, Rifaa’iyyah, Jithiyyah, etc. Some of them don’t even sleep on floor, they sleep on trees. So who has stronger ‘Faith in Allaah’, according to your standard, they or the Tableeghis? Have you forgotten those who left the cities and went into bush some years ago? You know them, sure! What pushed them to that? ‘Faith in Allaah’ which they understood very wrongly. It is the same ‘Faith in Allaah’ the Tableeghis are having today.

The only excuse you have, please take heart, is that you are very far from learning. Could you remember you made a promise that you would start learning? Alas, Tableeghiyyah has taken you away.

By Allaah, if someone has been sensible in Islam, the day he becomes one of the Tableeghis he becomes a profound fool. Bid’ah makes one stupid! You can see how stupid the Jabtawees are. I said, I am not going to spite them.

Point Six

You wrote: “During Lagos Ijtima', a tableegh elder stressed the need to make Sahih Bukhari and Muslim our main reference points after the Qur'an. This I found really impressive against their encyclopedia of inauthentic hadiths, Fadhail.”

Brother, out of your ignorance you think Sahih Bukhari and Muslim should be the main reference points after the Qur’aan. By Allaah, no scholar has ever said that. It can only come from the Tableeghis. If it is so, what happens to other authentic narrations in other books of Sunan? We should not focus on them because they are not in Sahih Bukhaaree and Muslim.

Good you said Fadhail ‘Amaal is an encyclopedia of unauthentic narrations, but are the ‘elders’ in Tableegh now ready to throw it away in their neo-Tableeghiyyah you are vouching for? Who will dare say that? You will throw a book written by ‘the best Muhadith of his time’ away?

Go and know, no Fadaail no Tableeghiyyah. Forget that lie that Fadaail is for peasants and artisans, Fadaail is to Tableeghis what Usool Thalaathah et al is to Salafees.

I had wanted to take a rest but the next point caught my interest. I think it is better I take a pause there.

Point Seven

You wrote: “At Ibadan Ijtima', I listened to one of the best Friday sermons ever. We have learnt from our scholars that khutbah should not be long but it seems easier said than done in some quarters. However, the prescribed conciseness was epitomized by the 'condemned' tableegh within 15 minutes and the content was superb.”

So the fact that the Tableeghis in one of their gatherings delivered a short khutbah which is easier said than done in some quarters (a veiled reference to those who claim to be the followers of Sunnah) is a point that convinced you they are now better.

Know that a short khutbah is relative most especially in this part of the world where the khateeb will speak Arabic and translate it. Agreed, most khutab around the place seem long, and there are places where they are very short. That is never a yardstick for the being on the correct Aqeedah or otherwise though it is an indication of following the Sunnah strictly but for you to use that to vindicate the Tableeghis speaks volumes. If you are not careful you will vindicate a Ahmadi or Shi'i when you see them doing such.

So the superb 15-minute khitbah should have been elaborated more. What made it superb? Were Malaaikah sitting on his turban when he was delivering it? Tell us what made it superb. We take a pause here.

We have asked him to remove his posts, no response yet save a ‘hand of like’. If he removes them and apologizes, no problem. He should know that this Manhaj is very sacred. Nobody attacks its and goes scot free, nobody no matter how highly placed. You dare not. If you do, it will scatter and shatter you.

So the earlier the better, that you stop your praise for the Tableeghiyyah. Do not say, but you did praise some good people some time ago. If you praise good people, good people will not fight you, if you praise bad people, good people will not pat you on the back.

Just carry your English textbooks and look for another seminar to bamboozle the people about the importance of English Language at the expense of Arabic Language. It has been a misplaced priority for someone to make Da’wah of English Grammar about while the simple art of Qur’aan recitation he has not learnt it.

So stay clear issues of Manhaj.

In the meantime, kindly stop displaying your pictures. It is Haram to do so. The first Shirk on earth emanated from it.

To be continued Inshaa Allaah.











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