Abu Sahl's Desk
All About Islam in the Salafee Sense


As-Salafiyyah An-Naqiyyah: The Pure Salafee Path [Poem]

Hadeeth Saahib al-Qabrayn (The Narration of Inmates of Two Graves)

Rights and Manners of the Qur'aan

A Word for the Woodpeckers in Ramadan Prayers

The Obligation of Saluting the Prophet's Household

A Note about the Qur'aan that Was Revealed in Ramadan

Demeaning Actions, Jobs and Vocations

A Series on Hadeeth Narrations with Special Names

Sifaatus-Salaat Series from the Explanation of Ash-Shaykh Bazmool:

Rulings on Length of Salaah and Other Things

Rulings Pertaining to Basmalah and Soorah Faatihah in Salaah

Words about Al-Isti'aadhah

Words about Duaaul-Istiftaah

Issues Bordering Praying in Footwear

Voluntary Prayers on Mounts are Not Limited to Travels

A Series about the Unique Geberation:

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