Academy for Young Qur’aan Graduates
Ede, Nigeria

Nature of School:
For young Muslim boys and girls who have committed the WHOLE of the Noble Qur’aan to memory. It is not a mixed school. It is basically a boarding school; day students will be allowed based on certain terms.

Admission Requirements:
Complete Qur’aan in the memory (obligatory), Memorization of Ar’ba’űn Nawawiyyah and Usool Thalaathah (optional).

Subjects Offered:
Arabic Studies, Islamic Creed and Manners, English Studies, Mathematics, Sciences, ICT and General Studies.

Academic Programme:
Six Years.

Minimum Age Requirements:

At the end of the Six Year Programme, all the pupils must have been well-grounded in all the subjects offered such that they can sit for the SSCE or GCE. An additional three year programme should equip them for Cambridge A’ Level Exams. With their Arabic Studies, they will be able to proceed to any of the world-known Islamic Universities such as the Islamic University Madînah, Insha Allâh. Fluency in Arabic and English Languages [spoken and written] is guaranteed.

Programme Kick-off:
Muharram 1437 [2016], Insha Allâh.

[The kick-off may be hastened or delayed, depending on logistics].

Please get a Qur’an Memorization school for your child today and let us know your intention to bring your child to us later.

For further enquiries, please call: +2348082815017 or +2348112144450; or send your mail to