Educating a Muslim Child in a Multi-Cultural Society
A 45-Page e-Book on How to Educate One's Child in This Troubling Environment
Now Released Wal'Hamdulillaah.


Simply educative, by the mercy of Allaah. One may however decide to shun it, but do not attack or delete it, you may need it one day, Inshaa Allaah.

However, be reminded that the book is right-protected; you can only read and share with others, in any form, hard or soft. No form of economic benefit, if you see it economically viable anyway, is allowed.

But if you find it useful, do make a little supplication for its writer that Allaah should overlook his sins, and how many they are! And that He should make his children, boys and girls, pious scholars of Qur'aan, Hadeeth, Shariah, etc., for the Ummah of Islam.

Hope you will not forget yourself too.

Now click HERE for a free copy.

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