Glowing Glitters for a Passing Salafee Father


We were at work that Sabt noon of Rabeeul-Awwal first ten of 1438 after the Hijrah when the critical news of a critical moment was passed to the afaadil, a Salafee father was seriously ill. Everyone hearkened to the call to run around as before so that he would get well. We gathered and saw if the doctors could try but it seemed this time around the time was nigh yet we never lose hope. We all tried but Baba Adegoke Mustafa eventually passed on. O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

The passing moments went and we are hopeful Baba died as he had wished. He had never been afraid of death. Allaah had blessed him with wealth, yet he decided to live a small life. He would always ask, ‘what are we doing in this world?’ Complaints about life were never his manner. A model of Sunnah, a model of Zuhd. O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

He had always been in the forefront of Sunnah, any time he is convinced an act is Sunnah there he goes. He would always walk from home to Jum’ah; Agip to Oke Iresi, those in Ede should measure the distance. He has been doing this for long. By 11a.m. at most he would have got to Jum’ah when many youths would still be frolicking. You would always meet him at Jum’ah, on the right handside of the Mimbar, never in the left. Always in white garment every day of the week. When you see him, you will see the conspicuous Sunnah. You will wonder, if this elderly Baba could do the Sunnah this way what is wrong with the youths! O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

Baba had been part of the Salafee activities in the town, moving with the truth of the Sunnah everywhere it tided even when other Babas like him would make scorn of it. He loved the Sunnah and its people, this he had never for once hidden. He would never mind to sit with you and counsel you about the Sunnah of Zuhd. While some other Babas have been affected with one Hizbiyyah or two, Allaah did save Baba Adegoke from all of it. O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

A generous Baba always ready to spend from his wealth and farm produce. Palm oil donation in Ramadan for Muslims, mutton distribution at Ileya. ‘Eran Ileya’ of Baba had always been special. In an Iftar exercise for the indigent in two Ramadans ago, he was among the first to drop the biggest sum in cash and material. O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

He was a lover of the Best City, he hardly missed the Umrah of Ramadan every year. This he has been doing since about a decade he got to know about the excellence of that. He would begin saving for the next Umrah after he returned from one. O Allaah, show mercy to Your slave.

O Allaah, Your slave is gone, it is painful to us and his family, but Your mercy we seek for him. Pardon Baba for his shortcomings; widen and illuminate his grave for him. Wash him with water, ice and other cool things, and admit him into Your Jannah.

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