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Masjid Tawheed [Phase V]
Masjid Tawheed Phase V [Muharram 1439/Sep 2017]

You are welcome to Phase V of the construction of Masjid Tawheed, Ede, Nigeria.

In Phase IV of the project (that took place between April and June 2016 was a success) by the mercy of Allaah, the Mighty Lord, we were able to complete the construction of the beam to carry the slab (decking).

After the long break, we started the fundraiser again to see to the construction of the next phase which is the slab. If the slab is constructed, we can start praying inside the masjid and save the worshippers from praying in the open under the sun and the rain as it sometimes occurs every Friday.

The stages of the construction are as follows:

1. Formwork for the Suspended Floors

- 6 trucks of bamboo
- 600 units of 1x12 planks
- 360 units of 2x3 planks and,
- 5 bags of nail.

The total cost of all that with the workmanship is N892,000

2. Reinforcement Bars

- 10 tonnes

Total cost of which is N1,660,000

3. Concrete Work

- 450 bags of cement
- 80 tonnes of granite
- 40 tonnes of sharp sand

Total cost of which is N1,726,000

The Grand Total of the Estimated Cost for this Phase is: N4,278,000.

Inshaa Allaah brothers are always around for direct labour, they have never been disappointing.

Since the launch of the Official Phase V Fundraiser, Friday 22 September, 2017, we have been able to raise the sum of N18,300. The initial contribution at the first Jum’ah of the launch was impressive. We hope the subsequent Jum’ah will be more exciting, Insha Allaah.

As usual, we shall Insha Allaah give you day-to-day of the events as they unfold, if you wish to follow us keenly on WhatsApp, send a request to 08067613244 or 08060369176.

But wait, have you dropped anything for this phase? If not, do so now to this account:

Acc Name: At-tawheed Central Mosque
Acc Number:3080156760
Bank: First Bank Plc.

No amount is small in the cause of Allaah.

You may want to know how we fared in Phase IV, follow this link Masjid Tawheed Construction [Phase IV]

Make your donations and tell the Muslims about the cause. Your rewards lies with Allaah alone.

The Messenger of Allaah - Salallahu alahyi wa sallam - said::

من بنى لله مسجدا و لو كمفحص قطاة لبيضها بنى الله له بيتا في الجنة

'Whoever builds a Masjid for Allaah even if as little as the nest of a sand grouse which it built for its eggs, Allaah will build a house for him in the Jannah.' Saheeh Jaami':6129

Enquiries: Call Abu Khadeejah, the Project Supervisor, on +2348060369176, or send a mail to tawheedmosque@gmail.com.

Masjid Tawheed is the mosque whose foundation was laid some six years ago. May Allâh reward the brothers who have come up with the idea of a Salafee Mosque for Ede Community – a community with a sizeable Muslim population. Ede is one of the South-Western cities of Nigeria.

The people at Masjid Tawheed are Muslims who strive to practise Islam according to the understanding of the Pious Predecessors.

Always visit this page for updates on the construction project. Baarakallaahu feekum.