SimplySalafiyyah®, as a growing Salafi website in Africa, will be widening its tentacles as time goes on. It plans to make its publications in the major African Languages [such as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Swahili, Afrikaans, etc.] thus it needs expertise in these areas. That aside, there are many works of the scholars to translate and trancsribe, writers are needed in this area too. Thus if you can read and write in Arabic, and can translate into other languages most especally English and French, we shall be willing to work with you. Pure Arabic writers are welcome too.

But it is good to state here that our partners must be Muslims with the correct creed and methodology of enthroning the Islamic values. By correct creed and methodology we mean, they must exhibit such creed of Islam as espoused by the Salaful-Ummah. Consequently, we shall make effort to find out about our would-be partners before we accept thier write-ups, and we shall put them through some test.

If you will be willing to work with us, please send your full refrenced, well-written, well-compiled or well-translated work to the editor, aboo aamir al-atharee, at Please your work must be original, that is, not a palagiarized item.

Insha Allaah we promise some token for our writers as we progress.

This offer is open to all Muslims anywhere in the world irrespective of gender and tribal orientation.