Only an Ignoramus Hangdog Will Not Know Al-Bukhari’s Worth [Part One]

Arabic text of the radd part one

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1. O hater of the truth, Shaykh of misguidance
Visit the Saheeh, you will find guidance in it
2. A collection with chains, the guide to Sunnah
How lofty and explanatory it is!
3. Gems of knowledge, well-structured
Ornament of canons, not legends
4. Headings holding every genius spell-bound
Among the people of intellect, individually or all
5. No other book after the Book of Allaah
Except Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree, in terms of proofs
6. Authentic ahadith with chains of transmission
Any hadith critiqued is a mere exercise
7. Not every Mujtahid will attain the goal
So whatever is critiqued forms a mass of specks
8. But will the dullard, the foul-mouthed understand my verbiage?
Will he understand my lingo full of pointers?
9. Let me remove the veil of ignorance from my target
Only by clear expressions things are deciphered
10. What was criticized in the Compendium
The illustrious had sieved it with answers
11. Contexts which chains have taken care
Of the critique of a disparager or derision of a fool
12. The leader, genius and smart-one had carefully selected them
Narrator of all people, worthy of greatest heights
13. The proof, judge, a fellow with knowledge; when competed with
The people of hadith, mentioning narrations
14. A teacher of hadith also a school on earth
How many seekers passed through him?
15. People’s praise cannot suffice his good deeds
Only the Possessor of Perfections can reward him
16. The knowledgeable as well as the intellectuals
Are unanimous that he rendered the trusts
17. All the people of hadith have made him the head
He is their leader at helms of affairs


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