When Da’wah Hinges on Deviants and Deviations:
A Retrospection

In the Name of Allaah the Most Compassionate Most Merciful

Da’wah lexically means ‘a call’ or ‘an invocation’ but technically it is ‘call to Islam and what Islam teaches’. It is an act of worship hence if it is wrongly channeled or directed the caller may be in trouble in this life and the one to come. For instance, calling to oneself at the expense of Islam makes a Da’wah to be Shirk-prone while calling to Islam using deviated means makes the Da’wah to sail in deviation.

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As it has been repeatedly pointed out, many people who ascribe themselves to Islam have many reasons they engage in one form of Da’wah or the other. There is no doubt that there are different kinds of calls today, they are variegated just as Islam itself is factionalized. No qualms, the Messenger of Allaah – sallaLlaahu alahyi wa sallam – had foretold the Ummah that there will be many fashions of Islam; he said they will be up to seventy-three. That number is not small. The one to earn success will follow his dictates to the letters making the Sahabah the precursors.

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Therefore, when a sincere follower of Islam sees some people today assiduously following a path they say it is Islam whereas it is not, he should not fret. Though it might be a thing of sadness to behold yet one should always thank Allaah for being guided.

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The guidance of Islam lies in obedience to Allaah and His Messenger in following the Book and the Sunnah upon the understanding of those who lived with the Messenger of Allaah and believed in him. That is the true guidance, as simple as that. Any other claim to guidance apart from that is perdition and deviation no matter how colourful and filled it might be.

One of the recent false calls that has ravished some places in South West Nigeria is the Da’wah of a man called Muhammad ‘Alee Jabata. Many have been written and said about him, this site once dedicated a barrage of write-ups against him which by the mercy of Allaah made some impacts on some people especially those who in one way or the other are Internet connected.

Click HERE to read more about the deviant, Muhammad Alee Jabata.

It was from the fall out of those many write-ups that some fans of Jabata went and created a website they named voice-of-the-salaf [dot] com while one Sulaiman AbdulGhaffaar, who before them had been double speaking and subtly denying being a Jabtawee, served as the yeoman. It would have been very laudable if the website had seriously stuck to what its nomenclature portrays, who would not love to hear the voices of our Salaf – from among the Sahabah and Taabioon? Rather the site was only beaming the voices of deviants such as Muhammad ‘Alee Jabata, Rasheed Abu Ibeji (as he was then) and many others. Very prominent however were the lectures of Abu Ibeji, even more prominent than those of Jabata’s. No wonder Abu Ibeji has said in his recent and ongoing confessions, and recantations that he had been very instrumental to the spread of thoughts of Jabata in South West Nigeria.

Expectedly, the site made some dedications which it called refutations to the person of Aboo ‘Aamir Ishaaq AbdurRaheem. Among many of the issues raised in the expose on simplysalafiyyah.com against the thoughts of Jabata, Sulaiman AbdulGhaffaar weakly tried to defend Jabata on ‘No excuse in matter of Aqeedah’ and ‘Division of Bid’ah.’ There was an urge to respond to him then but Alhamdulillah the time was not wasted against him. Today, it must have dawned on Sulaiman AbdulGhaffaar how foolish and stupid he was while promoting the thoughts of Muhammad ‘Alee Jabata and his gangsters, if perhaps he had come to his senses. Thus we felt it is time we told him that any call hinged, built and hyped on defending deviations and deviants will sooner than later collapse.

Alhamdulillah for those that have been renouncing the thoughts of Muhammad ‘Alee Jabata viz. Rasheed Mustafa Abu Ibeji who we will counsel as we counseled the penultimate denouncers in the Second Implosion [Click HERE to read more about that] such as Alase and Shifaa-ul-Haqq, that he should seek the path of knowledge to re-align the correct teachings of Islam in his head. It should be clear to him now that he is just a pupil among the many pupils of the Islamic learning. He should remove the mujthaid gait he had once clothed himself with. If he does all that and eschews all the traits of takfeeriyyah, he is welcome to the mainstream Sunnah according to Manhaj of the Salaf.

As for Sulaiman AbdulGhaffaar and others like him who have become deaf and dumb, we notice their ostensible ‘voice of the salaf’ has become mute since their major champion, Abu Ibeji, forsook the ‘path’ of the khawaarij; thus it has become imperative on Sulaiman AbdulGhaffaar to come out clean, tell the world if you are still with Jabata or not. If you are with Jabata, then you must start, without much ado, to refute Abu Ibeji ferociously or otherwise on your site, and if you are no more with Jabata, you must of course, deny and denounce him. What a dilemma for you! If you denounce Jabata [which we believe you will now do] good for you, if otherwise, may Allaah guide you too very soon, but do not say you were not warned.

While we await Sulaiman to come out clean, we thank Allaah as we have always thanked Him for the continuous guidance.

All praise to allaah Who have guided us to this, we would not have been guided if He had not guided us. It is coming to six years now when we started this little effort, the purpose then was to checkmate those who were causing mischief in the cyberspace. Hope you will all remember Abu Tawheed Aningiriyi who almost turned all the young brothers to Jihaadi suicide bombers via his warped Al-Qaeda-based teachings, we learnt he too has gone to start a ‘trulysalafiyyah’ site, where he is spewing misguidance to some goons like him [Click HERE to read what we wrote about him Safar 1434]. Allaah we thank for making us to sail through. By Allâh, it has been by His Favour and Guidance alone.

May we use this means to thank all those who have been supportive of the site fall this while and later in time especially those brothers on our WhatsApp Forum [Click HERE to join] who are well concerned for the continuity of the effort. We also appreciate their recent financial contribution for the yearly subscription of the site. May Allaah reward you all.

We have never claimed this effort is indispensable, Alhamdulillah today that there tens of du'aat making the true Da’wah, therefore nobody is a resort as far as the Da’wah Muhamammadiyyah is concerned. We are only complementing one another’s efforts.

May Allaah continue to support all of us wherever we might be in the like of these efforts.







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