Narrated Abdullâh Ibn Abee Wadaa'ah (may Allah bestow mercy on him) who said: 'I used to sit with Sa'eed bn al-Musayyab (may Allah bestow mercy on him). I was absent for some days and when I went back, he asked me, 'Where have you been?' I replied: My wife died and that made me to be busy.' He said: 'Why didn't you tell us so that we would witness the burial.' He said: 'I intended to rise but I could not. He said: 'Have you got another woman?' I said: 'May Allaah the Mighty be merciful to you, who will marry her daughter to me while I possess nothing except two or three dirham?' He said: 'I shall.' I said: 'What will you do?' He replied: 'O yes.' Then he began to praise Allaah the Mighty, said benediction on the Prophet (SalaLlaahu alaihy wa sallaam) then he married her daughter to me with my two or three dirham.' I stood up and did not know what to do out of extreme joy. I went back to my house then I began to think of whom I could take and borrow things from. I observed the Maghrib Prayer and went back to my house. I saddled my horse and I was fasting. My super – made of loaf and stew - was brought to break my fast, then suddenly I heard knocks on the door, I enquired who it could be then came the voice: 'Sa'eed.' My mind went through all the people by the name Saeed except Saeed bn Al-Musayyab because he had never walked by for forty years except between the mosque and his house! I went out to meet the person and suddenly I found Saeed bn al-Musayyab standing. A thought came to me that perhaps he came to announce a change of heart – that he would not give me his daughter again. I said: 'O father of Muhammad, why didn't you send for me? If you did, I would answer you.' He said: 'Never; you have more right to be visited.' I said: 'What do you have for me?' He replied: 'You were once with no wife then you married thus I loathe that you should pass your night alone. This is your woman!' The lady was standing behind him, he then brought her forward. Abdullah entered upon her and found her the most beautiful woman and a perfect memorizer of the Book of Allaah the Mighty. Not only that, she was a knowledgeable person about the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (SalaLlaahu alaihy wa sallaam), and a person who knew the rights of the husband. This daughter of Saeed bn al-Musayyab (may Allah bestow mercy on him) had earlier on been proposed by the Khaleefah Abdul-Malik bn Mar'waan for his son, Al-Waleeed, when the latter was announced as the heir apparent. But Sa'eed (may Allah bestow mercy on him) did not marry her to him!

Culled from Tuhfatul-Aroos pp. 73-74.

That was Sa'eed bn Al-Musayyab (or al-Musayyib; he preferred the latter but he was known with the former) al-Imaam, Shaykhul-Islam and jurist of Madeenah. He was regarded as the best among the Taabioon in terms of knowledge. He was born in the first two years of the reign of Umar bn Al-Khattaab; there was a different of opinion whether he heard from Umar or not. But he heard narrations from Uthmaan, Zayd bn Thaabit, Aaishah, Abu Hurairah, etc, much of his narrations were from Abu Hurairah (may Allaah be pleased with him) such that he married the daughter of Abu Hurairah (may Allaah be pleased with him). Sa'eed was very knowledgeable, very polite, deep in religion and always truthful. Other Taabioon used to rely on his judgments because he was more conversant with the judgments of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) and his Companions than any of them. He was a devout person such that he performed the Hajj forty times. He was also a knowledge seeker; he used to travel far and wide in search of knowledge.

Al-Ajdee reported that Sa'eed bn Al-Musayyab would not take grants from rulers so that he would not be afflicted by them. He was a business man of a sort; he would trade in oil (for home use) and other items.

It was said that he died in year 105 Hijrah. May Allaah bestow mercy on him.

[Summarized from Tahdheebul-Kamaal of al-Imaam Al-Mizzee - may Allaah bestow mercy on him].

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