That Shoemaking Niqaabi in the Limelight

Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 4:13AM / 3619

Bismillaahir Rahmanir Raheem 

The video of a shoe cobbler niqaabi over the Internet has called for a serious attention. I hope this postulation will not sadden some. Anyway, human beings are hard to please. 

Only people who lack good understanding of the Deen would support what she is doing outside the confinement of her home. 

Islam does not forbid its women from working but upon certain conditions viz. that they are not exposed to men, that their primary duties at home are not harmed, etc. 

We have a lot of skillful niqaabis who don't need a BBC coverage for them to be known as artisans and skillful persons. They are at home doing their jobs. Baarakallaahu feehinna. 

They don't need to get roadside shops before they are known as experts.

Our Lord has said they should stay at home, and they are there doing wonders, you may scorn at that, you have the freedom to. 

Our mother, Zaynab bint Jahsh, the wife of Rasool, salallaahu alayhi wa sallam and may Allaah be merciful to her, did it better than she is doing, and she was at home. So what the fuss!

And more sadly, our sister from Allaah-knows-which city, did perform a rolling-on-the-spot 'dance' after her soap opera for all the world to see a 'working eleha!'  A 'dance of liberation' or what? 

She is now exposed to the press. The 'women liberators' will soon visit her. She will be made a model like that breadseller girl, remember her? UNESCO may seek her. She is definitely going to be made a standard for other 'elehas'. But what standard? 

The Messenger of Allaah - sallaallahu alahyi wa sallam - said, 

 وَمَن سَنَّ في الإسْلامِ سُنَّةً سَيِّئَةً، فَعُمِلَ بها بَعْدَهُ، كُتِبَ عليه مِثْلُ وِزْرِ مَن عَمِلَ بها، وَلا 
يَنْقُصُ مِن أَوْزارِهِمْ شيءٌ

'Whoever sets an evil precept in Islam and it is acted with after him, the like of inequity of whoever acts with it will be written against him, their inequities will not affect one another on the least.' Saheeh Muslim. 

By Allaah, this is saddening. We hope it will not harm the sensibility of our sensible sisters.

And can she please close that shop, carry her tools, go back home and do her job there?

Please help me deliver this message to her. 

And you may want to vent your anger at me, kindly send it to 

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Name: Hamza Abdulrasak
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 4:44AM
Comment: Yaa Abal Banaat! May Allah increase you in knowledge and understanding. You have risen appropriately to the occasion sir. May Allah reward you abundantly..
Name: Nurudeen Adewole
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 4:48AM
Comment: A very nice write-up and the basic truth but my addition is we should try to encourage, support and advertise for these people (elehas) by ourselves BBC is not created to promote Islamic agenda anything seen on BBC should be known to be 90%anti islam.
Name: Shamsudeen Abu Moymûnah
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 5:15AM
Comment: Baaroka Llahu feekum.This is a normal observations that our sisters need to adhere with..
Name: Shareefah Abike Oyerinde
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 5:35AM
Comment: It's so disheartening when I saw the headings of the video. BarokaLlahu feekum sir!.
Name: Tfk
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 5:58AM
Comment: What about the woman that come out with first class in university and was announce in news paper is that now expose to the world.
Name: Sulyman
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 6:07AM
Comment: I think we need to clearly understand this issue rather than given sentimental opinions. We are in a society where our sister are been segregated and marginalized just because they cover their body in accordance with Islamic legislation. To the best of my knowledge, Islam does not forbid women striving for excellence in the worldly affairs as much as they do for the hereafter if doesn’t go against Islamic principles. I think the same energy the writer used should be given to locating her and admonish her where she erred..
Name: Aminu
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 6:41AM
Comment: Please can I see the video? I haven't seen it.
Name: Ibn Muslim
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 7:22AM
Comment: Let's encourage the good part and discourage the bad part. For the sister,she should continue to encourage other sisters with that but not to be carried away.She should do istigfar for posing. For the writer, let's expand our knowledge to take care of current happenings.Note that women participated as nurses at some prophet's battles,salaat,etc. They should travel with mahrsm means they can do business with manners of islam. Importantly we need female teachers, doctors,etc We can continue to expose our women to male doctors all the time. To all let's remember Allah will ask us about the favour ofsocial media..
Name: Abubakr
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 7:33AM
Comment: The way some people criticized in the name Deen can make someone vex, d article mention 2 conditions with etc, yet the conditions was not breach in d video. The woman hasn't tell anyone that her family is in jeopardy, we didn't see free mixing in d video. What baffled me most is the fact no one has brought forward any fatwa that said its absolute haram for women to work outside. wht we are seeing is that it's better or best for them to stay ahome. If its haram we shld tell them with evidences and if scholars gave reasons or conditions we also shld give and not hesitate to correct them if d conditions are breached. The BBC wahala cld be from her part or someone else. Wallahul'mustaan..
Name: Yusuf Abubakar Ozemoya
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 7:42AM
Comment: People will always be people. "Let's encourage the good and discourage the bad", for ALLAAH sake, the post by Abuu Aamir, يحفظه الله was very much clear encouraging women to work IF THEY HAVE TO, and it also clearly discouraged them showing it off. Haba Nigerians. We shouldn't justb talk because we want to and have the means to. It is appalling how you see discouragement in any write-up warning against the evils the society had made us think is smartness. This is exactly why Muslim aren't progressing..
Name: Alimi Saidi
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 8:13AM
Comment: Assalaamu alaykum sir. Keep on the good work.It is really a timely admonition. May Allah keep us firm..
Name: Toyyib Al-Ameen Abū Qaasim
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 8:13AM
Comment: Baarakallahu feek. I felt sad when I saw that "rolling-on-the-spot-dance" Eleha working is not a new thing. The way she's being celebrated in the social media as if she is better than her counterpart working from home or even those ones that are not working clearly shows we still have a long way to go..
Name: Umm Umar
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 9:17AM
Comment: The main thing I felt when I watched the video was that her level of understanding on the etiquette of hijab is probably low which was shown by the dancing display at the end of the video. Doing her job without mixing with opposite sex is OK. Also international shoe brands don't usually display their factory ( the production techniques) but the finished products only .so she could have merely displayed her shoes only without exposing her hands . if any one knows her phone number kindly forward ,I would like to speak to her directly ..
Name: Abu Qaasim
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 10:13AM
Comment: Criticism isn't the first thing to do. We're encouraged to give people excuses in Islam. Give your sister an excuse for her mistake. May Allah forgive us and her. Islam is a balanced religion. When you present your opinion as what Islam states, it makes the religion to be baised and unbalanced! It's not forbidden for a Muslimah to work outside home if necessity warrants that. What is upon her is to fear Allah as much as she could in what she does by not going against the limits set by sharee'ah..
Name: Abdussomad Pa-aranti
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 10:39AM
Comment: BaarakaLLAHUfiikum..
Name: Abdulrahman
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 12:08PM
Comment: I guess the writer will strive to buy all she has in stock by the time she shut down the shop? Your submission is nothing than leaving leprosy to treat ring-worm. Which evil as she set for God sake?.
Name: Bint Shaykh
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 12:48PM
Comment: Barokhallahu feekum. Actually when I watch d vedio I was surprised, Imagine a niqabite displaying herself on BBC as in it was disheartening but she might not understand the saying of Islam over dis issue,l suggest that we should assist her and lead her to d right path. You have risen appropriately to d issue sir may Almighty Allah reward you abundantly..
Name: Oyelayo Abd.Semii
Sunday 26-Jul-2020, 1:27PM
Comment: Salam alaykum. To contact Mrs. Aminat Adegoke, below are her contact posted in another wall. . She can be reached via what'sapp on 08021124449 or via her Facebook page at
Name: Sobur
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 1:32AM
Comment: Thanks bro,good observations there but I think you need to encourage this sis coz she can still adhere to the principles even in her shop,is it not the one we saw we're talking about what of those niqobi that can't afford daily meal that sales nylons and nose cover in our markets and road sides did anyone ever give them such advice, please let correct her in the best way not to worsen everything.what saddden me most in the video is the way eleha pose at the end of the video..
Name: Sobur
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 1:32AM
Comment: Thanks bro,good observations there but I think you need to encourage this sis coz she can still adhere to the principles even in her shop,is it not the one we saw we're talking about what of those niqobi that can't afford daily meal that sales nylons and nose cover in our markets and road sides did anyone ever give them such advice, please let correct her in the best way not to worsen everything.what saddden me most in the video is the way eleha pose at the end of the video..
Name: Abū 'Āishah
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 5:05AM
Comment: 👆👆👆👆👆 *Shaykh Al-Albani رحمه الله said:* *"It's incumbent upon woman to know that she was created to stick to her home, serving her husband and taking care of her children"* *Al-Hudah wan-Nur 53.*.
Name: Sherifdeen Ibrahim
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 5:17AM
Comment: Can you even listen to yourself? "Can she please close the shop, carry her tools and go back home". Very absurd! How many shops did the Muslim hummah open for similar people? People are suffering, not doing anything tangible with their lives, yet Someone managed to learn a skills and make better leaving and instead of you to encourage her and similar people, you come up with this rubbish article. Did the prophet ask women to suffer in the hands of men? Anyways, i really don't need to go deep because I know your type, it can't get to you! You only apply theorectical knowledge directly, you don't know how to apply wisdom to it along with the environment and situation of things. I agree that there are some imperfect things on the video like she twisting her body at thenm end but may Allah forgive her for that. And May Allah bless that sister for what she has done!.
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 5:28AM
Comment: Jazakumulahu Khayran for the observations & corrections. 1. She should not have danced 2. The shop should be at her house 3. Her husband should have been advertising for her Although, she tried to let the world knows her husband Interact with men But Sir, Is it granting the interview the problem ?.
Name: Bashyrrah
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 6:46AM
Comment: May Allah ease our affairs.
Name: Abdulrasaq
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 7:45AM
Comment: Please where is the evidence that she can’t work outside the home..
Name: Ameenah
Monday 27-Jul-2020, 5:17PM
Comment: Why are our brothers like this? Have they suddenly lost their sense of reasoning. I am a Munaqabbah and I work and I am proud to. Are they afraid because they are not man enough with their wives.? Or they have brainwashed their wives and they are afraid. How does this lovely sister's life affect theirs? Most of them are terrible husbands and have killed the self esteem of their wives and they want other men to be myopic like them..
Tuesday 28-Jul-2020, 9:00AM
Comment: My sister, shoe cobbler! It takes courage, persistent and perseverance for anyone to learn handiwork/craftsmanship or any vocational training successfully these days, with the prevalence of time wasting gadgets and social media here and there! I salute your courage and decision to acquire this knowledge first, then kudos to you for putting what you know into practice! BaarakAllaahu feehi! Thank you very much for inspiring millions of women around the world, you won't recognize the number of ladies who might have been inspired with your BBC short interview! As regards, some missteps in the clip, may Almighty Allaah forgive your mistakes! If my father and his elder brother were alive today, I would have been the first person to share them your BBC interview clip, perhaps it will make sunnatic outlook more endearing to some of my relatives, who held the opinion that women in purdah did only sell pap and fufu. Alhamdulillaah, I was able to disabuse this myth by marrying a computer scientist before the demise of my father and his brother, may Allaah forgive them and have mercy on them and guide the erred ones! My sister, I want to assume you're keenly attending to your primary assignments as a Muslim woman as your mannerism and people's comments depict, hence, I am here to chip in some business ideas to take your venture to the next level so that in the nearest future you will be offering Zakah and benefit the ummah more, in shaa Allaah. First, you own a company not an ordinary shop and I will advise you seek the help of your husband or your blood brothers to manage this your company to greater heights for you! It may be a source of income (at least means of augmenting existing income) for you, your husband and your children in the nearest future. In fact, I will say retain this knowledge/professionalism for your male children! Find time to read about SoleRebel, a shoe company owned by an African lady, you may benefit a lot from her business model. Find time to study the biography of Blake Mycoskie, founder of popular shoe brand TOMS, I have once read his biography and learnt a lot from his business model of one shoe sale, a pair for shoe goes for charity! You may adopt his model as well or better tailor your own towards orphans, one shoe made or sold, you donate a shoe to an orphan. How would you go about this, simple read the biography of Blake Mycoskie, his model is very superb. To give you a clue, you can set up a charitable foundation along this line. As regards, the SoleRebel approach, you may not have to do all the tasks. Yours may be an assembly of like-minded shoe makers (you may choose female alone but if your mahram manage it for you, it would be well and nice). You can be assembly point, repository of local made shoes, alternatively, you may choose to offer free training services to empower women folks and seek government support or let it be an NGO. People are making cool doughs from NGOs, real and fake ones! One more thing, you may choose to make special local shoes for school kids with special focus on notable private schools, if you're fortunate to sign a contract with some of these rich schools, you can be rest assured of stable income working from home! What about making women shoes and sell via supermarkets and stores, the same way ìtẹ̀lẹ̀ and the likes are doing! Since you're an educated person, my sister. Study the two notable shoe companies above, you stand a better chance to reap lot of beneficial ideas from them! One more thing, your husband or mahram can send me an email, in case you desire a well draft Business Model Canvas or back of the envelope business plan that can serve as a guide in implementing some of the ideas shared above. The Merciful Merchants Ismaeel Akintayo O
Name: Rola
Tuesday 28-Jul-2020, 5:36PM
Comment: You're talking in the rubbish. All what you clearly stated comes from jealousy and envy. Your statement is biased. Deliver the message to her yourself. Seriously, !!!!.