The Mumayyi Tag

Tuesday 19-Jan-2021, 2:14PM / 463

By Allaah! If some people here in Nigeria and elsewhere had met the Messenger of Allaah ﷺ alive in Madeenah, and saw how gentle, calculative, considerate yet emphatic (when necessary) he was in his Da'wah methodology, they would have dubbed him a mumayyi - someone watering down the Da'wah. 

But shame on you, he ﷺ  said 'destroyed are the mutanattioon - the people beyond limits!' You will want him to retract that, poor you it is already documented.

He was sent with Sam'ah! Sam'ah! Not tanfeer - sending people away. Didn't he warn you from tanfeer? That is what you want, that everybody should be off the Deen but you and your cult members. 

Shame on you, this religion is not your property.

It is the Deen of Allaah, He sent Muhammad to us, and we have the Companions to emulate.

Shame on you, O ghaalin, munaffir, mutanatti'u.

Shame on you!

How delighted are you that the Ummah is divided due to your carelessness?

It is getting to when we tell you, you are all troublemakers.

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