O Teachers and Speakers, Be Humble

Tuesday 30-Aug-2022, 2:08AM / 211

Be humble, pride is destructive
You are a teacher or speaker today
You may be a learner or listener tomorrow
This knowledge is a wide ocean
None has ever sailed across

'I pass your level' is prideful
Eschew it and be humble
Before the Rabb of all slaves
He will raise you higher and higher
And more honoured you will be

Don't you know students of today
Are teachers of 'morrow
Who can be more knowledgeable
Than teachers of today
So don't think you are better

Al-Bukhaaree came to surpass many teachers
Al-Madeenee, ar-Rahuuway, Ahmad even
So don't think the learners can never know
Be humble, igberaga ni siwaju iparun
May you be honoured now and ever

Do you really even know?
As in really and really?
Perhaps you have not travelled far
And see how knowledge is
Or is it another knowledge?

O Allaah, save us from pride
Arrogance, self-amazement and other odds
Let's us know our level and stay there
Cleanse our hearts from dirt of nifaaq
Ujub, kibr, takabbur and ghamtun-naas.

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