Re- Abu Aasim Al-Athari's 'Suicide Bombings' On the Scales Of Islamic Law [Part One]

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Written July 7, 2012



Said Hudhayfah bn al-Yamaan may Allaah be pleased with him:

'What I fear most for people are two things: 'That they prefer what they see to what they know and that they get lost while they do not know.'

Sufyaan Ath-Thauree - said: 'That is the characteristic of a person of bid'ah.' Al-Intisaam of Al-Imaam Ash-Shaatibee p. 83.

'These thoughts and works have heads among the leaders of misguidance, who have preceded in unbelief and evil view. They said about Allaah what they did not know, they taunted the People of Truth in what they brought, they faulted the trustworthy ones in what they reported, they would never check their views with regards to the interpretations they give to sharee'ah texts, they have sealed the ties of bida,' launched tribulations (for the people) and opened the doors to trials; they told lies about Allaah and about His Bookthey are brothers of the devil, enemies of the believers, resort of the rebels, refuge of the vile ones. They are into natives and tribes, formations and groupings. I shall mention some of their names and some of their traits because they have books they have sent across and thoughts they have made open. The unsuspecting ones cannot know the realities of those books, nor can the new learners. The meanings of what they write will be hidden from most of who read themsome of them would begin their books with praise and adoration of Allaah coupled with saying peace and benedictions upon the Messenger of Allaah and then followed that with in-depth kufr (or bid'ah) of hissuch that the person who is new in learning would think the writer of the book is a scholar or a jurist

'Among such people are Al-Jahm bn Safwaan Ad-Daal Al-Mudill (the misguided and the misguiding one) whom was told while he was in Shaam: 'Where are you going?' He replied: 'I am looking for a Lord to worship!' Many misguided people followed his views.

'Ibn Shaudhab said: 'Jahm forsook Salaah for forty days while being doubtful (of existence of Allaah).'

'Among his followers were Bishr Al-Mireesee, Al-Mur'daar, Aboo Bkar Al-Asam, Ibraahim bn Ismaaeel Ibn Ulayyah, Ibn Abee Duaad, Burgooth

'Every scholar did say about those whom we mentioned: 'They are leaders of Kufr and heads of misguidance.'

'Among the heads were Ma'bad Al-Juhanee, Ghaylaan Al-Qadaree, Thumaamah bn Ashras bn Ubaydthey were very many such that they cannot be collected in a book.

'I mentioned some of them so that the new learners should avoid mentioning them, sitting with them, citing their works as proofs''

The foregoing quotes have been from Imaam Ibn Battah's Al-Ibaanah As-Sughrah pp.178-180.


'As for what the likes of Muhammad Al-Mus'iree and Sa'd Al-Faqeeh, and those who follow their footsteps, do today in terms of spreading harmful and misleading messages is without doubt a great evil; they call to evil and great corruption (in the land). It is imperative that people should be wary of their publications; people should do away with them and get their works destroyed. They should not cooperate with them in any matter wherein they invite to harm, evil, falsehood and tribulation because Allh commanded that cooperation should be upon piety, fear of Him; not upon corruption and evil, nor upon spread of lies, nor upon spread of false calls which cause disunity (among the Muslims) or which create sense of insecurity in others.

'The publications that emanate from Al-Faqeeh or Al-Mus'iree, or others apart from them, among the callers to falsehood, evil and disunity; those publications should be done away with, destroyed and should never be considered. The evil callers must be advised and guided to the truth, and they should be warned against their (spread of) falsehood my own advice to Al-Mus'iree, Al-Faqeeh and Ibn Laadan (Osama bn Laden) and all those who tread their path is that they should refrain from this evil path, they should fear Allh and be wary of His punishment and anger; they should go back to what is correct and they should repent to Allh for what had come from them (of evil)'

Ash-Shaykh Abdul-Aziz bn Bz may Allh bestow mercy on him in [Majmuu fatw wa maqalaat ash-Shaykh 9/100].


Shaykh Abdul-Azz Aal-Shaykh (the present Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) may Allh preserve him was asked: 'Is it permissible to say that bn Laden, (Sa'd) Al-Faqeeh and Al-Mus'iriyy are misguided; and is it permissible for Muslims who do not have enough knowledge to listen to their talks on the Internet?'

Answer: 'O brothers; these people are the sources of evil and corruption (in the Muslim lands). There is no doubt that they are misguided people because right from time they had been products of the tutelage enemies of Islam; it was the enemies of Islam that trained them, they used to live under their shades; all their hearing and sight were with them. Therefore they are enemies of Islam, forget about their outward display and the hatred they pretend to show to such-and-such. Whoever studies their history and origin will know what they are of evil and misguidance.'

[Adapted from the lecture, The Illegality of Causing Corruption on Earth cited in Silisilah al-Fataawa Al-Manhajiyyah Ash-Ashr'iyyah p. 24.] Read this.


'When you see a person praising Ibn Abee Duaad, Bishr bn Al-Mirisee, Thummah, Aboo Hudhayl or any of their followers then be wary of him because he is a person of Bid'ah'

Al-Imaam Al-Bar'bahaaree in Shar'hus-Sunnah p.384.

What of those who praise those whom the scholars of the time have warned us to avoid?

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