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All of Sufism is Misguidance (Part A)

The claim that Sufism embodies the real Tauheed! Whoever says that has come with a strange statement not known to the scholars of Sunnah, before or now. Whoever even says that exposes himself to the taunts of the Sufis; acts of the Sufis themselves to the contrary of that claim because the bedrock of Sufism is opposed to the real Tauheed preached by the Prophet of this Ummah (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam).

Calling to leniency with the Sufis is tantamount to rubbishing the efforts of the scholars of the past who had fought Sufism to the weak state it is today. Had the scholars of old been lenient with Sufism and its adherents perhaps Islam would have totally crumbled today, maaadhaLlaah!

Calling to such leniency, O brother on that Forum, is accusing those scholars, including Ibn Taymiyyah himself whom you hinge your proposition on, of oppression and tyranny towards the Great Sufi Thinkers (as the Western academia refer to them) the likes of Al-Hallaaj, Ibn Arabee, Ibn Sabeen, Ash-Shiraanee, An-Nabahaanee, Dahlaan, and members of sects such as Ar-Rifaaiyyah, At-Tijaaniyyah, Al-Muraghiniyyah, an-Naqshbandiyyah , As-Sahrooriyyah, Al-Jishtiyyah (The Chistiyyah), etc.

Rather what should be said is that it was Sufiyyah that cheated Islam and the Muslims via the spread of grave worship and other heretical practices that have affected the intellect of many Muslims. Any striving towards making distinctions between correct and incorrect Sufism is just a mere waste of time and it is not what those who subscribe to the Sunnah should busy themselves with.

Did Allh compel His Messenger (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam) and his Companions to go to Torah and Injeel, after much of their writings had been corrupted, to find out what was correct and incorrect therein so that they could correct what was incorrect? What did Allh the Mighty do? He explained what those books contained of harm and asked the Muslims to stay off.

So know the harm of Sufism and stay off from all of it.

Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jamaaah has been upon the methodology of criticizing the Islamic sects including Sufism, using the criterion of the Book and Sunnah in doing that. There is no sect that does not have some goodness in them. Even we have seen righteous Christians and Jews; but should we go about praising them? So why do you want us to praise some Sufis due to their alleged piety?

We must warn the Muslims from ALL of Sufism, Shia (even the mild ones among them such as the Zaydis), Jahmiyyah, Mutazilah, etc. Extolling any of their virtue, before all, is destroying what we tend to build.

The Messenger of Allh (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam) indeed warned against Bidah and called all of it the worst of affairs. All of Bidah, once again akhee, is worse and misguidance.

The Messenger (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam) did dispraise the Khawaarij and described them as the worst of creatures, he said, Kill them whenever you find them, indeed whoever kills them will have a reward with Allaah despite the fact that the Khawaarij were people of worship, the Messenger of Allaah (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam) told his Companions that the Khawaarij would surpass them in worship yet he did not tell the Companions to distinguish what was correct in Khaarijiyyah from what was not.

There was no time when Sufiyyah was correct as a whole. It had been a mix-up ever since just as other sects are. Saying that Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and others said there was good Sufiyyah is a lie, and whoever says it should provide a proof for it. Rather the scholars of Sunnah fought Sufiyyah since the time of its appearance.

Excerpt from the book, 'All of Sufism is Misguidance' pp.8-10

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