Q&A: Who Is Right Between My Friend and I On Voting in Elections?

Saturday 09-Mar-2019, 9:46AM / 492

Translation: Abuu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah

Questioner: Two Sunnis have divergent views on an issue; one believes what he did is in tandem with the Sunnah while the other sees the action of the former as one which opposes the Sunnah; how can they rectify this? Like the issue of voting and be voted for in democracy.

Ustaadh Qamarudeen Yunus: An issue between two friends in which one sees it as Sunnah and the other views it as bidah. 

The issue of election is one which scholars have divergent views; no one can dispute this except a liar or an arrogant fellow. 

All scholars agree that democracy is kufr. But can we vote to make the kufr in democracy persist? Like when someone says: I voted for kufr! (Laughter from the congregation).

Because if you did not vote, it (democracy) would not exist. Isn't it? 

Allaah says in Suratul Maidah verse 44:

"And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are Kaafiroon (i.e. disbelievers - of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allah's Laws)."

Whoever wishes to meet Allaah in a good state; from that point, scholars say you should not vote but you can pray for the society (to become better) or did anyone say you cannot pray for the society? 

But I also voted; that vote you cast (with your thumbprint will be there (as a proof against you) till the Day of Resurrection.

Let everyone ponder on how he desires to meet Allaah. 

The second opinion of the scholars is that democracy is evil; if the bad people in the society, the criminals, the disbelievers now hijack the positions and become leaders, that is another evil. 

Now, compare it (occupying positions by the non-Muslims) with ruling with another law other than Allaah's, which is worse? 

You see, whatever Allaah has decreed we would get in terms of worldly materials is what we will get, whatever He did not decree, we won't get it.

However, we should not take the issue - of participation in elections - as one in which we will be calling people that participate in it as innovators or disbelievers.

Scholars like sheikh Uthaymeen, bin Baz and Al-Albanee [may Allaah be merciful to them all] said we can participate in it due to necessity. 

Whosoever says this should remember to say their other opinion. 

As for Ash-Shaykh Al-Albanee who once opined that we can participate in it retracted his statement. And whatever a person says last is what we will hold on to (against his former opinion).

But Ash-Shaykh Uthaymeen said we can participate it if those who vying for the position will change the system to the shareeah but this is not possible here in our society.

There is no one that has ever tried to do that. Fatawa of scholars do apply to their time. 

Some contemporary scholars say they give us license to vote but I was not given that license. 

From the foregoing, those that say we should vote should fear Allaah.

No matter the suffering one goes through in this life while one remains a Muslim, is good, but that one acquires worldly material and dies in kufr is bad.

The scholars that say you should participate in it if you can change the system to Shareeah once you get there. You will change the system to the Shareeah, isnt it?

(In the system) there is a pastor, an idol-worshipper, an atheist and others, yet a person of Sunnaah will want to sit with them. Can he win all of them (in order to change the system to Shareeah)?

If he wins the idol-worshipper and the pastor to change the system to Shareeah, the third person will not follow him. 

What we are sure of is it is 99% not possible in our society. The pastor and the idol-worshipper (in the system) won't allow it and it will later result into loss of lives and chaos in the society.

Those who started democracy will come to support the idol-worshipper and the pastor. Syria and Iraq are clear examples.

From the foregoing, what is apparent is most of them - the Muslims going for positions - won't even think about that Islaam when they get there.

You know there is money in the system, when you see money you will not sleep again. You will enter into the world and you will start saying something else. Your garment that you sew according to the Sunnah will start to hand down. Is it not this system where there are sporadic shootings here and there? Can a devout Muslim man with his turban find himself in a shooting spree and get back home with his turban? Please do not deceive yourself.

(Source: Q&A Segment of the tape; Peculiarities of the People of Sunnah held in Ede, February, 2019)