'Many Friends, Many Creditors'

Tuesday 09-Nov-2021, 1:40AM / 305

Amr bn al-Aas - radiyallaahu an'hu - said:

إذا كثر الأخلاء كثر الغرماء 
'When (one's) friends are too many, there will be many creditors.'

An-Naashee - rahimahullaah - also said:

الاستكثار من الإخوان وسيلة الهجران 
'Having too many friends is a means to being forsaken.'

Al-Imaam al-Khattaabee - rahimahullaah - said: 'What that means is that when you have too many friends, their rights upon you will be too much and you will not be able to pay them. When you fail to pay them their dues, they will shun you and hold enmity against you.' 

Ibn ar-Ruumiyy - rahimahullaah - composed:

Your enemy can be more beneficial to you than your friend *** so do not have too many friends 

Indeed the first thing you will see in any sickness *** Is that it comes from too much eating and drinking. 

Al-Uzlah p.129