'Niqaab Will Soon Be Everywhere in the World' - Aboo Naasir

Sunday 16-Dec-2018, 12:51PM / 982


By Ibn AbdiRaheem

The Muslims all over the world have been assured that the seeming persecution the Muslims are facing world wide such as the ban on Niqaab in some places will soon fizzle out.

Giving the assurance today in Oshogbo, Osun State capital, was Ustaadh Ibraheem Abdurauf (Aboo Naasir) at his weekly lessons on explanation of durar bahiyyah of Al-Imaam Ash-Shaukaanee at Islaahudeen Mosque, Alekuwodo.

The Ustaadh made the comment while differentiating between country of disbelief and country of belief. He said a country of belief is where Muslims can manifest their religion while that is not possible in a country of disbelief. He said Muslims should just exercise some patience that very soon the children of those disbelievers will adopt it.

'Europe is feeling Islam now, in the next fifteen years Muslims will be everywhere. Let them continue to have two children, we will be having ten,' the Ustaadh said.

The class was filled with men and women from Oshogbo and its environs.