Ibn Al-Jazaree Salafi Institute: Notice of Online Qur'aan Courses

Monday 25-May-2020, 2:26AM / 1221

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

       معهد ابن الجزري السلفي نيجيريا

         للقرآن والسنة والعربية
         قسم التعليم عن طريق الاكتروني_

 Ibn Al-Jazaree Salafi Institute Nigeria

 For Qur'aan, Sunnah and Arabiyyah

 Department of E - Learning 

Notice of Online Qur'aan Courses


- Learning How to Recite the Qur'aan from the Scratch (6 months).

- Perfecting the Art of Recitation with Tajweed in the Riwaayah of Hafs 'an Aasim (6 months).

- A Brush-Up on the Riwaayah of Hafs 'an Aasim (Tilaawah) (3 months). 

- Memorizing the Whole of Qur'aan Using the Methodology of the Sahabah (perpetual).

All courses are open to limited number of students.

Programme to commence 15th Shawwaal, 1441AH (7th June, 2020), Inshaa Allaah.

Interview to begin 8th Shawwaal, 1441AH (28th May, 2020), Inshaa Allaah.

The programme has an array of Qur'aan experts you can recite to at mutually agreed convenient time. 

The Programme is Free. 

For registration, send a WhatsApp message to this contact +2348067613244

Online Arabic/Islamic Studies will commence 1st Muharram, 1442AH, Inshaa Allaah. Good knowledge of the Qur'aan is a prerequisite to participation.

 May Allaah endow us with beneficial knowledge.

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