Trials of Barreness and the Way Out (I)

Monday 04-Mar-2019, 3:19PM / 714

Aboo Ubayy Sharif Hamzah

Being the text rendition of Ustaadh Qamarudeen Yunus, Fiqh Delil lecture on Radio Lagos

Praises be to Allaah who blesses whosoever he wish children, we thank Allaah.

May Allaah preserve our children and those who are yet to have children, may we have the cause to thank Allaah fully. May Allaah answer our prayer soon.

May the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon Prophet Muhammad, his household and all his companions in totality. Aameen.

O brethren, This evening's topic is an important one such that it makes people leave the fold of Islaam and it is, "Being barren or giving birth late (than expected).

What are the  solutions Islaam laid down for barren women or those  people said they can't give birth?

Being Barren or conceiving late (than expected) is one of the trials that Allaah inflicts on whosoever He wishes. 

We ask Allaah not to make us suffer early barrenness or late barreness. 

Early barren person is one who won't give birth to any child while a late barren on the other hand will have children but h/She would later become barren (as a result of the death of the children). 
May Allaah not inflict us with bad trials. May we not know the graves of our children. Aameen. 

O brethren, the callers to Allaah should take the issue of conceiving seriously because there is no one that is not seeking for happiness in this world and from the joy in this world is to have children.
(As callers to Islaam), we will guide them (the barren and those trying to conceive) in order for them not to become mushrikoon (those who associate partners with Allaah) and not to seek children where there is no children. 

You see, O brethren, child rearing is among the joys in this world and Allaah himself confirmed it in the Qur'an. May Allaah make it extend to us all. Allaah says in Suratul Kahf verse 46:
"Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world."

Children are the adornment of this world and the one who has not given birth won't be happy when he sees children of others. 
Islaam brought  laid down solutions to barren people and those  trying to conceive. 

If you try the solutions and you are barren, Allaah will bless you with children, even if it takes long before you are pregnant, Allaah will still bless you with children in as much as you carry out these instructions. 

To know how important children are ; Allaah, the Most High said all the Prophets of Allaah requested for children from Him and they all asked for obedient children. 

Allaah says in Surah Ar-Rad, Verse 38:

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And indeed We sent Messengers before you (O Muhammad SAW), and made for them wives and offspring. And it was not for a Messenger to bring a sign except by Allah's Leave. (For) each and every matter there is a Decree (from Allah).

You must not leave Islam because of childlessness, any religion you embrace, the first thing you should do is to ask for the barren among them; you will see that they are many. 

The religion you left - Islaam - is where you will find solution to your childlessness and that's where you will be fruitful. 

The benefits of having children abound and we should encourage the one who is childless, we should guide him so as not to be misguided and  in order for him to him to seek for children in a legal way.

To be continued Inshaa Allaah.