‘He is Iblees; Wrestle Him, Stamp Your Knee on His Chest then Recite Aayatul Kur’see on Him’

Monday 15-Apr-2019, 10:16AM / 240

Being A Series on the Manhaj of Salafee Da'wah Adapted from Shaykh Saeed Raslaan's Da'aaim Minhaaj an-Nubuwwah
By: Aboo Aamir Ishaaq b. AbdirRaheem – may Allaah forgive him and his dead parents.


Al-Imaam Adh-Dhahabee [may Allaah bestow mercy on him] said in Siyar: 4/472: ‘When you see an heretic upon scholastic theology saying: Don’t bring the Book [that is, Al-Qur’aan] and Ahaad Hadeeth [that do not reach the level of Mutawaatir] to our discussions, let us use the intellect,’ then know that he is a Abu Jahl [an ignoramus of the highest level], and when you see a person claiming to be devout in worship saying: ‘Save us from the mention of narrations and intellect, bring adh-Dhauq [means of Inclination and unifying with Allaah] and al-Wajd [ecstasy in chanting of dhikr],’ then know that such a person is Iblees [the devil] in the form of human, or his possessed by him. If you are far away from him, then run away otherwise wrestle him, stamp your knee on his chest and recite Aayatul Kur’see on him and strangulate him.

Quoted in Ad-Da’aaim, p.29