Our English Communications, Till When?

Friday 27-Dec-2019, 12:20PM / 324

Have you pondered over the likely time we will vigorously start communicating in Arabic, the language of our Deen?

It seems we are getting deep and deep in mesmerizing ourselves with bombastic and flaggerbasting English. 

If we open any discussion in Arabic, you will see otherwise energetic duaat of the century crawling to their shells. 

Arabic ought to be our pride, as Muslims though. It is the language of the Last Revelation. 

تعلموا العربية فإنها تزيد المروءة 
Learn the Arabic, it increases one's mannerism. 

That statement came from al-Faarouq, radiyallaahu anhu. 

You may want to argue it, Arabic is richer and more original, thanks to the Qur'aan and Sunnah. Its literature and poetry are unparalleled. An Arabic poet will beat the English poet hands-down. They sold Shakespeare to us as the best playwright, Abul Fadl al-Hamdhaanee is enough to tear his works to shreds, literarily speaking. 

The Western propaganda has made proponents of other languages defensive such that all civilization has been limited to everything English. 

There is no offence, English Language, like others, is a sign from Allaah, but the Muslims worldover must accord Arabic its rightful place in their lives, not because of the Arabs but because of Islaam the Deen that came via Arabic. 

So when are we starting our discussions in Arabic? 

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Name: Al-luthee
Saturday 28-Dec-2019, 3:31AM
Comment: !أحسنت فلنبدأ ببعض مقالاتنا هنا، ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.
Name: Abdulkadir Bashir
Wednesday 01-Jan-2020, 10:39AM
Comment: I love your post and iwish to learn how to write like you..
Name: Abdussalam Maryam
Wednesday 15-Apr-2020, 7:47AM
Comment: I guess till we all have the full knowledge of the language.