Advert Rates

Our Advert Policy

SimplySalafiyyah.Com can advertise your halal business for you at a very affordable price and for a durable period. Our advert terms include the fact that what to be advertised should be a halal business, not only that, the advert copy you will send to us will not include obscene pictures or those of animate things. The picture to be sent should be in jpeg, jpg, png, or gif at size 286 X 150 pixel. 


All Adverts will be displaying on all our pages including the homepage.

The Advert is in 4 categories: 

THE SLIDE DISPLAY: On our homepage only alongside our mast: N5,000/month. 

BANNER ONLY - Only your banner will be displaying: N3,000/month. 

TEXT ONLY - Only Text (Name, Phone, Services, Website, Location) will be displaying: N2,000/month. 

BOTH BANNER and TEXT - Both your Banner and Text will be displaying: N4,000/month. 

There is discount for a long period advert placement such as a year, two years, six months, three months, etc. 


Name of the Company/Firm/Business

Contact Telephone Number

Services Offered 

Website (if available)

Image (Designed Banner or Logo)

Location of Business

Important Notice:

Please make your image to be simple and very clear. Few words will always do the wonder. 

For your placement and further enquiries, you can mail the advert/marketing manager, Aboo Ubaydah Ridwan Sanyaolu, [email protected], or call him on +2348033096797.


SimplySalafiyyah.Com will not be liable for any technical fault that may arise from our host server that may affect the display of your advert except as may be reasonable under the laws of Islam.