Masjidut Tawheed


We welcome you to the site after it has been off for about two years now.
May Allaah reward all those who recently contributed to the purchase of land at Stepping Stone Area for the construction of the girls' wing of Madrasah Tawheed where the sum of N3,000,000 [Three Million Naira] was realized for the project.

Masjid Tawheed is the mosque whose foundation was laid some six years ago. May Allh reward the brothers who have come up with the idea of a Salafee Mosque for Ede Community a community with a sizeable Muslim population.

Alhamdulillaah the project of constructing Masjid At-Tawheed has been ongoing though it has slowed down for a while.

Insight into the Fundraiser for Masjid Tawheed, Ede

For more than a decade now the Masjid has remained at some levels above the ground, that was even after the successful effort to purchase the land which lies by the main thoroughfare of Ede City. There was an offer of the Masjid being built by a respected figure in the Sunnah enclave of South West Nigeria; efforts made to that effect were futile. That is what called for this clarion call to the lovers of Sunnah of the Prophet (salaLlhu alayhi wa sallam).

Some years ago, we began the call for the complete construction of the mosque. AlhamduliLlaah we have seen some eagerness in many brothers and sisters, may Allh make them redeem their wish.

As you have been told, the whole sum that has been budgeted for the completion of the Masjid is now around N8 million [$50,000], our hope is that we will contribute the money together and share in the eternal reward forthwith.

You need not be told that one of the meritorious deeds a Muslim can engage in is building a Masjid.

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On the authority of Jbir (may Allh be pleased with him), the Messenger of Allh (salaLlhu alayhi wa sallam) said:

Whoever builds a Masjid for Allh even if it were a size of the nest of a sand grouse or what is smaller, Allh will build a house for him in the Jannah.

Recorded by Ibn Mjah [738] and others, declared authentic by Allmah al-Albn (may Allh bestow mercy on him).

Therefore if you have your donation to make today, kindly send your donations to:

Acct Name: At Tawheed Central Mosque

Acct No: 3080156760

Bank: First Bank Plc.

You may call Abu Khadeejah, the Project Supervisor, on +2348060369176, or send a mail to

JazakumuLlaahu khayran.