'Alloh', 'Romodon', 'Solat', et al; O togẹ

Sunday 29-Dec-2019, 9:53AM / 1030

My brother, may Allaah honour you. Indeed your effort is well appreciated. Your daily reminders, sharing of lectures, quotable quotes have been very illuminating. But I have noticed for more than five years now that you have been very assiduous in the transliterations of certain Arabic terms; these transliterations often depict your in-depth knowledge of the Tajweed such that you think doing otherwise will pass you out as a novice in the field. 

You understand Tajweed, don't worry. Your knowledge of tafh'kheem and isti'laa is recognized, thanks. 

However, your transliterations such as Solat, Romodon, Alloh, Tejwid, Abdussomod, Abdurrohmon, etc, do not meet the international and universal rules of Arabic transliteration. That's rather a localized or Yorubacized transliteration from you. With that, you will always confound your non-Yoruba readers. I have seen a handful of them complain and sometimes jeer at you. 

And do you know, you may find yourself working with international Islamic publishing houses, they will not accept that from you, so adjust now to save a future labour. 

So let them be Salaah, Ramadan, Allaah, Tajweed, Masjid, Abdullaah, AbdurRaheem, etc. 

And don't forget we must up the Da'wah in Yorubaland. 

O dabi ẹni pé ẹkọ o s'oju mimu. S'oye? Ooni sílẹ̀ tẹ. (The non-Yoruba speakers should consult their friends among the Yorubas for the meanings.)

Lastly my brother, help inform àwọn ọmọ iya t'oku nínú ẹṣin. 

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Name: Ridwan Atolagbe
Monday 30-Dec-2019, 12:39AM
Comment: Jazaakumullaahu khaeran.
Name: Ishaaq Toyyib Abu-Haneef
Monday 30-Dec-2019, 2:04AM
Comment: Thia is funny but immensely beneficial. Jazaakumullahu khayran.
Name: Abu Haneefah
Monday 30-Dec-2019, 11:43AM
Comment: I have thought of this myself and didn't so follow the writers of such....excepting salaah though as some international writers or media also utilize solaah. Now I love this funny post on it..
Name: Abdussalam Maryam
Wednesday 15-Apr-2020, 7:51AM
Comment: This is really funny but beneficial Baarokallahu fee...