'Is It Safe to Listen to Him?'

Thursday 02-Jan-2020, 12:51PM / 1197

Yes, it is not safe to listen to just any speaker these days when anybody can hold a record button on WhatsApp and record nonsense that can be shared far and wide.

I shared a flyer across some WhatsApp fora this afternoon where a particular person will be among some eminent speakers in a programme to be held in Ìbàdàn this January. This personality had wrecked some havoc to the youths in the past until his recant a year or so ago. 

So someone asked me, 'is it now safe to listen to him?' 

The question put me off balance until I had to run to the organizers of the programme, again, among whom is a good and trusted teacher of Sunnah in Ìbàdàn (I do not praise him above Allaah). 

They all said it is now safe. 

I want to believe them, it is now safe. 

Kindly believe me, it is now safe. 

May Allaah rectify all. 

But if it eventually appears that it is not safe, the Deen of Allaah will reign supreme. 

No individual can hold Islam to ransom, kindly inform those confused TMC guys celebrating a damned and wretched book written by one of them. Salafiyyah will outlive him. A day is coming he will sit and cry about the misguidance he had plunged himself into. 

The moral of it all is, play and remain safe in your Deen. Don't subject yourself to someone we will ask one another, 'is it safe to hear him?' 

O Allaah, make us safe. Don't make us source of misguidance to the people. 

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Name: Abdulazeez
Thursday 02-Jan-2020, 1:18PM
Comment: I always find your writeups beneficial and enjoyable. Baarakallaahu feekum, sir..
Name: Abu Hudhayfah
Thursday 02-Jan-2020, 2:23PM
Comment: May Allah honey you.
Name: Abū Sa'eed
Friday 03-Jan-2020, 4:15AM
Comment: Aameen. Jazākallāhu khayran..