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Tuesday 07-Jan-2020, 5:15AM / 286

I wrote in the penultimate week that one of the ways one can become famous is to carry out or say something someone has not done or said before. 

While some people crave for popularity through the means I said above, some do it inadvertently. For the latter people, always be careful lest you make unnecessary headlines across the globe. 

Another way one's name can freely travel round is through costly and otherwise mistakes. 

As Salafees, always watch your backs. People are ready to roast you alive for your innocent errors let alone the costly ones. Always watch your speeches and actions. Don't say 'who knows me in this village?' People are just waiting for your errors to hang you and leave you dead. They don't want to see you. You are too troublesome to them. In schools, na you go say you must observe Salah. In workplaces, they know you. When Christians stand to preach in public vehicles, na you go challenge am. 

Simply put, you are one of the defenders of the universe of Islam. 

So do you think, people will leave you and your errors? Kallaa

زلة العالم يضرب لها الطبل 
'Drum is beaten for scholar's errors.'

Your errors, your errors! O Salafees, are not like other people's errors. 

The Sufis, Jihaadis, Hizbees, Ikhwaanees etc, are all on the lookout for your slips to nail you. You know yourselves. 

But know that sins are thinly different from errors though semantically in Arabic khatee'ah can mean both while al-Ithm can only mean sins. Sins are knowingly committed in opposition to what is normal, mistakes are not. Therefore one must repent from sins while one must own up errors. Not repenting from sins attracts perdition from Allaah the Mighty, and no owning up errors makes one a fool and an arrogant person in the sight of the people. Allaah loves those who repent from sins while Allaah and the people love those who admit their errors. 

كل بني آدم خطاء وخير الخطائين التوابون
'All the sons of Aadam commit sins (errors) but their best are those who repent (or admit their errors).'

O Allaah, do not hold us to account for our slips, sins and what we forgetfully done. 

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