Niqaabi Cobbler: A Retort to the Shameless Lies

Tuesday 28-Jul-2020, 4:25AM / 990

The defence being peddled about is laden with a lot of clear and  barefaced lies. Only the people of sight can see it. As for others, they can remain perpetually gullible. 

Hear them... 

A BBC reporter was just passing by!

She doesn't work in the shop!

She swore by her Rabb that when she turned 360 degree she was trying to turn to the reporter that called her name! Haba! 

'Allaah's curse on the liars.' 

Liars, cover your faces! 

Apparently some people are lying for her, or she is made to tell lies whereby compounding her issue. The first one is more likely until proven otherwise. 

I know some ikhwaanee girls are trying to launder her image, and they are hoodwinking some sisters in the process. There is one of them from Ibadan speaking ill of me. That's nothing. Another one even brazenly called me out last night on her WhatsApp status, I pity her husband. 

By Allaah, a trustworthy brother told me my last night that another niqaabi cobbler has come out around Olodo area of Ìbàdàn. She did so perhaps after the evil video.

I read a brother this morning apologetically saying he can still share the video with his father and brothers to pass a message that Sunnah women work! Where is that understanding? What has hit us as Muslims? Where is our sense of ghayrah for the Deen? What are we even doing?

The Muslim home is now threatened, come and hear some supposed Sunni women saying Muslim men are this-and-that.

One of them even said she doesn't mind becoming a public painter! 

To Allâh we complain! 

Brothers and husbands, be on your guard, the feminists have penetrated our women. Don't be deceived by the look, things have gone wrong. They have the ready-hands in the female-wing of Ikhwaaniyyah, they are on the prowl. Be wary of them. 

! فسدت الأخلاق

May Allaah save us from an unfolding evil.

Wallaahul musta'aan. 

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