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Saturday 03-Oct-2020, 1:28PM / 424

Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullaah wa baarakatuh. 

It has been 'three days', it is the nearby mountain that has been blocking the view of the farther mountain. 

Many times going 'dumb' is necessary most especially when all priorities seem misplaced. 

You would have heard a lot of goings-on here and there viz those 'dying' and 'resurrecting', the rumpus after BB9ja (shey I get the term?), Nigeria Independence celebrations, and the climax of Covid-19 in America! A lot of things, numerous to mention. So the talking has been ceaseless. Everybody is just talking. Talking has become extremely cheap. Just set your phone camera against yourself and live you go. In some hours, 1M views!

So you would have been thinking when you are going to join in the talking too. After all, your mouth has not been sold to the washerman. You have the key to reach the globe. 

My brother, please don't talk. The bulk of punishment on the Day of Resurrection is from talking, didn't we learn that together in our Ar'baoon Nawawee? 

Please, I beg you don't talk. 

But should we allow evil to thrive? Should we let the people of bid'ah be? Should we leave those who want to corrupt the safe manhaj? Should we turn away from those who want to send our women out? 

My brother, No. Read my answer again, it is in Upper Case. 

But don't talk when the talking will be useless. When? When everyone is cacophonously talking and you tend to ask why are they talking.

The mission in this piece is to kill useless 'talking.'

So talk when it is necessary and useful, and you know what you want to talk. 

وذكر إن نفعت الذكرى 

Caveat: don't talk when there is noise everywhere. 

May I use this opportunity to greet the various players in the Da'wah of Sunnah all over the world for their steadfastness in the face of all odds. No doubt, the Sunnah today is under different kinds of attacks, home and abroad. What used to be munkar is fast becoming  ma'roof. What used to be bid'ah is becoming Sunnah. It is now dangerous to openly disparage Ikhwaan Muslimoon which is becoming a bride to some today. People don't defend Islam again but personalities. 

So we salute the courage of those capable hands (capable hands, with all emphasis) holding the fort for the Ummah. 

Then stay with the Senior Scholars and don't mind those saying do otherwise. 

My brother, yes, you that I have been talking to, since my knowledge and yours is still meagre, can't we just remain in the background and continue our learning?

Please let's go. 

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Name: Adelodun Abdulganiy
Saturday 03-Oct-2020, 2:05PM
Comment: Beautiful advice! Jazakumullahu khairan.
Name: Zainab
Monday 12-Oct-2020, 1:04PM
Comment: Nice piece, baarakallahu fih.
Name: Ridwan
Tuesday 13-Oct-2020, 11:46AM
Comment: JazākumuLlaahu khayran sir.