The Jabata Hallmark in Our Brothers

Tuesday 19-Jan-2021, 2:13PM / 259

Our brothers are sad anytime they are referred to as having traits of Jabata in them.

Please don't be sad.

If you were here about 10 years ago, you would recalled that one of the ways of Jabata was his being quick in dubbing people mubtadioon and throwing them away as a result.

So when some of you begin to say Ustadh Sarumi is far from the Sunnah as the heaven is far from earth, Ustaadh Yunus Akorede is a mubtadi, Dr Faadil has a kangaroo manhaj, Aboo Naasir does not understand the manhaj at all, Abul Barakaat is Àgbákò and a person of Shubuhaat, the asaatidh in Ẹdẹ are this and that, the duaat at Amukoko are hizbees (and are into a political Salafiyyah).

And your usual shouts of 'mumayyi! Mumayyi'...

Such that you are leaving all the Sunnah populace in confusions...

You would agree that wanton tabdee and tajreeh is a hallmark of Jabata.

And don't forget many of you are hudathaaul-ahd bi jabatiyyah, so the fear that you are neo-Jabatas is not far-fetched. This does not mean you are Jabatas in all ways but in some attributes. May Allaah protect you and us from that. 

If you hold yourselves back then that fear from us will go Inshaa Allaah.

So help us out of that fear.

Baarakallaahu feekum.

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