Again, To Those Looking for Points to Justify Their Laxity

Friday 22-Jan-2021, 2:05AM / 437

There is no doubt that that some people are inanely lax with respect to this Da'wah of Sunnah. It is those people that usually shop for texts of the Sharee’ah and statements of the scholars where they can hide and actualize their laxity such that the whole of call of Islam becomes a play and joke with them.

That is the main problem with Ikhwaan Muslimoon guys and those sympathising or calling to amalgamating with them. They want to make Islam simple at the detriment of Islam itself. 'Leave everyone alone', 'don't criticisize anybody', 'nobody is an innovator', etc., are their slogans. Just like those core Ikhwaanees used to say, in the 90's, that the Niqaab, Nisfu Saaq, beard, etc, were trivial issues.

Let those people be told, that they have nowhere to hide Inshaa Allaah.

The Da'wah of Sunnah is between fighting extremism and laxity. So as extremism of people of wanton tabdee is being fought, your own laxity of 'leave everybody alone' et al, will be fought too.

Inshaa Allaah.

This Ummah is a virile one, nobody can take it for a ride.

May Allaah safeguard us all.

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