We All Need A Refresher Course, Ikhwah

Saturday 23-Jan-2021, 1:21AM / 326

It is only the person of the Messenger of Allaah (ﷺ)  we are commanded to love absolutely and hate whoever hates him absolutely.

Then we must love the Companions - radiyallaahu an'hum. 

As for others, we will love them according to the level of piety and knowledge we see in them. We can't love them absolutely. Doing so is hizbiyyah and ta'assub, Ikhwah.

There is none in this Ummah after its Prophet, (ﷺ), who does not commit errors sometimes and is right sometimes.

And nobody is big in this Ummah from having his speech rejected except this Prophet, again.

Oh! I think we all learnt this in our primary Islamic education. So what is the problem these days?

I think we all studied it in Kitaab Tauheed of al-Mujaddid Muhammad bn Abdilwahaab, rahimahullaah, that we can fall into ghuluww regarding the Saaliheen!

Brothers, let's take this learning afresh. A refresher course, I mean. 

I think from Usool Thalaathah, then Ar'baoon, then Kitaab Tauheed, wa qis Alaa dhaalik.

Our problem, I observe, is that we delve into 'mighty issues' while we still lack the proper understanding of the 'minor' ones, or we have forgotten. 

May Allaah make this re-learning easy for me and you. 

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