Perhaps It Can Be 'A Better Alternative'

Saturday 23-Jan-2021, 5:45PM / 332

If something else can take us away from 'that' Fitnah even if it is mundane, that is better.

But don't join in stoking ethnic tensions.

We are Muslims first. Islam is the strongest thing that binds all of us together. The tribes we found ourselves were not by our own making and we can't undo it, so we need not fight because of tribes.

It is sheer Jaahiliyyah to do that, unfortunately many Muslims are caught in the web.

Ethnocentricism - the idea that my tribe is better than yours, which we are all subtly guilty of, is a pandemic worse than covid-19, HIV and all the categories of Hepatisis combined. It can destroy a whole nation in a flash. 

But if the 'concerns' and 'worries', as they are becoming evident now, can take us, we, away from that Fitnah, (or have you forgotten?) that is better. Though tribalism is a Fitnah itself but that is easily quenchable. At least, the politicians will not want what will jeopardise their source of livelihood. Though some others like those Mr. Fani and Mr. Reno will want to push it further, you should know the reason. 

Lastly, always 'Stop The Press', that is, don't believe everything they sell in their tabloids, especially during a national crisis. They always set the agenda for our discussions, behaviour and crisis.

By the time we are back, I think we should all move on, go back to learning, find out 'the truth' and stick to it. Then we should preach 'the truth' to our audience as gently as possible without throwing bottles and chairs. With that, the door of refutations will remain intactly open. 

May Allaah save us from all kinds of Fitan.

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