What Are You Celebrating O Hizbees?

Sunday 14-Feb-2021, 4:28AM / 193

Some people think when Salafees caution fellow Salafees on certain matters that it is to their own gain as Hizbees. They always celebrate it! 

Hizbees think awkwardly most times. They are always myopic in thoughts and views. They live in a perpetual sorry state. No wonder they continue to wallow in ignorance and darkness.

You see them drifting from the little Sunnah they claim to follow day by day. Most of them have gone in pursuit of democratic politics and positions. They don't think outside a wretched box of bigotry.

They don't know that 'the people of Sunnah mention what is for them and against them while the people of bid'ah only mention what is for them.'

So next time the Salafees caution one another, don't celebrate your foolery, you should rather feel sorry for yourselves that the Salafees are open-minded, versatile and just which are lacking in you.

So you need to come back to the Sunnah before it is too late. The path you are taking should be clear to you now that it is to destruction.

Salafees would always come out better and stronger, Inshaa Allaah.

Hope you got that, O Hizbees. 

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Name: Babs
Sunday 14-Feb-2021, 4:33AM
Comment: Lolz.
Name: Abdulrasak Hamza Olumide
Sunday 14-Feb-2021, 5:36AM
Comment: Salafees shall come out better and stronger! Jazaakumullahu khayrah Abaa Aamir.