What an Audacious Effrontery in Kwara!

Thursday 18-Mar-2021, 3:34AM / 253

Let's save the propriety or otherwise of the hijaab being clamoured for in Kwara State for another day, the Christians, under the aegis of Christian Association of Nigeria, have no right to tell the Muslims, in their land, not to wear a cloth the latter believe has to do with their religion on the sham claim that they formerly owned certain schools. 

That's simply an effrontery from those Christians.

That's a sign that the Ummah is weak all over otherwise no Christian would have got that gut to tell the Muslims how to dress.

Nevertheless, the Muslims in the State should handle the matter with care. They should understand the situation we are in the country lest some people seize the opportunity to still paint the Muslims bad. 

Therefore wanton violence is not the answer.

May Allaah take the Ummah out of this wahn.

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