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Agreed, Facebook is a home of Fitnah that is not going to end so soon, except if Allaah wills, but our brothers HERE and THERE should not be ready and cheap fuel for some unnecessary inferno.

Let's fear Allaah, all of us. Let's be watchful of our utterances even at the time of anger. You should even ask yourselves, 'why are we angry? Is it for the Deen of Allaah or something else?' You definitely have the answer, but keep it to yourself. If it is because of Allaah, then be moderate in your anger, then if for another reason, then don't be foolish. 

Please fear Allaah.

Don't be excessive in praise or disparagement. Describing any of the teachers of Sunnah in Nigeria, whether from Maiduguri to Port-Harcourt, as an Allaamah is an exaggeration, and it is blameworthy. Perhaps the brother that said that does not know the meaning of Allaamah. Even the term 'aalim' - scholar, is heavy not to say 'allaamah' - an exceedingly knowledgeable scholar. It is good the brother retracts from that statement. 

Also saying it is proper (or a must) to test the sunniyyah or salafiyyah of the people of South West Nigeria with some two or three individuals in Ilorin is a clear-cut ghuluww. It is a ghuluww, wallaahu shaheed. 

Let's fear Allaah, all of us. I mean, all of us, including myself.

You can refute one another, no problem, since you have all chosen to become mutual refuters (at the expense of active learning), but do it calmly and with mutual respect. Though that you get busy with learning is more profitable lau kuntum ta'lamun. 

The teachers should always caution their students in happenings like this while the students should not set everywhere ablaze.

In crisis between scholars and teachers, their respective students are always the major 'runasis' (that's a Yoruba coinage, please), and they are always at the receiving ends when teachers settle their scores behind the scenes.

Please let's fear Allaah and let this unfolding Fitnah go to rest.

May Allaah safeguard all of us from all harm and evil.

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