Aboo Naasir: From a Hundred Instances

Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 12:31PM / 631

About three years ago while studying Muqaddimah Fat'h Baaree of Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaanee under him with a group of learners at his residence in Oshogbo (where we drank from Ilm Rijaal with him), Aboo Naasir (may Allaah preserve him on goodness) asked me where was my copy of the text when he noticed that I only came with a photocopy, I told him I had none except that. 

Poor me. 

'Talk to Gbaye to send a set to you,' he said. 

'But I don't have money,' I retorted. 

'Don't worry, I will see him,' he said. 

I talked to Gbaye (as we fondly call Aboo Hudhayfah, our book supplier, help me thank him, he gifted me with a set of book on Qiraa'aat Ashr yesterday) about it and my Fat'h Baaree arrived before the next class. 

I think the book was sold around thirty thousand naira then. 

That is a teacher for you. 

I said it, if not for Fitnah, I would have penned more of this for him. Our prayer is that Allaah should preserve him on Sunnah. 

I have been a close person to him since 1997 till date. As a learner and a worker (I worked and still work under him as a sub-translator). 

The happenings at Osun Area Unit of the MSSN are still fresh in me. His usual visits to us at OAU and the classes we used to have under him with Muhammad Balogun, Kaamil Biobaku et all, are still fresh. 

Please record it somewhere, there is no way you will talk about Salafiyyah in South West Nigeria without mentioning Aboo Naasir as one of its purveyors, let these new brothers know this. 

He 'sold' al-Allaamah Al-Albaanee to us and we 'bought' him and found him a worthy merchandise. 

The prayer again is, may Allaah save him and other teachers from the plots of the evildoers.

And may He save these negligently careless brothers in Ilorin, and their cheerers in other places, from being handiwork of Iblis against the Sunnah in this region. 

Of course, Aboo Naasir is a human being prone to errors and liable of being refuted. But courtesy demands that you accord him respect as one of the worthy teachers of Sunnah in Yorubaland, if you don't want to be ungrateful to your Lord. 

Just go and know, we will not fold our arms and allow you drag our teachers in the mud. 

Please go and stop. 

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Name: Sodiq
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 12:45PM
Comment: This youthful exuberance... May Allah save us from it and rectify our affairs and that of the great Scholar, Aboo Naasir. Baarakallahu feekum..
Name: Ummu A'bdiLlaah Almuwahhidah
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 12:46PM
Comment: Aamiyn.. May ALlaah preserve him and all our teachers & scholars upon khayr..
Name: Zainab Ajetunmobi
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 2:44PM
Comment: Maa Shaa Allah! May Allah preserve Him and all Ustadh striving in the right way upon goodness. Aameen. BaraqaLlahu feekum Hmmm this our Ilorin sha! May Allah rectify them before it's too late. Aameen.
Name: Aboo Muaadh Al-Atharee
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 2:44PM
Comment: May Allah preserve our dear Abu Naasir and other scholars upon khayrah. I usually metaphorical tears for these exuberant brothers in Ilorin. Listen to one tape of Abu Naasir, just one! And you'll find refined, shiny pearls of knowledge. BiidhniLLahil Waahidil Qohaar, these evil plots against him and our other dear Salafi scholars in South West and other than that, will make us love, respect and revere them more albeit not following them blindly. These are people of Aathaar O you young, little brothers of Ilorin. Be calm and keep learning. May Allah rectify the affairs of all..
Name: Abu Maryam Zakariyya Adaramola
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 3:35PM
Comment: Baarakallaahu feekum. May Allaah continue to preserve Abu Naasir upon goodness. Apart from writing to explain the correct manhaj, I think AbdurRazzaaq Ejigbo, his student, Abu Anwar and other than them should be challenged to a public debate..
Name: Ash-ShaHdee
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 4:39PM
Comment: May Allaah preserve him upon goodness. Indeed, he is a rare gem and a blessing to Nigerians. Two things are more memorable about him while I was an undergraduate: 1. His contributions to the publication of Al-Balaagh Magazine (O.O.U M.S.S.N, 2013/14). As the Editor-in-chief then, I wanted to add an opinionated column to that year's publication but after having a tete-a-tete discussion with him over what we intend to publish, I dropped that idea. He said, don't ask the people for their opinion regarding a matter which Allaah has made clear, or that which His prophet has guided us aright on. He said, you rather tell them what what Allaah and His messenger say regarding a matter instead of asking for their opinion. It immediately occurred to me that, if the people were to voice their opinion on some matters of this Dunyaa and Aakhirah, many would say rubbish and probably pave way for shaytan to misguide others. 2. Out of his love for the Deen, he promised to benefit us from what he knows of Islam. He felt ever since he has been coming to Ago-Iwoye or receiving request from M.S.S.N O.O.U Ago-Iwoye brethren to give a lecture in one of their programmes, he hasn't been able to grant their request out of his busy schedule. He quite understood the condition of brothers upon the Sunnah overthere and the challenges surrounding them such as maintaining a lofty eemaan amidst people of desire, ignorance and authority. I remember him saying to few of us who approached him after one of our usual Solaatul Jumu'ah at O.O.U Mini Campus Mosque (Ago-Iwoye), even if you (brothers) can't hear a good sermon, the English too is not something good to speak of. So he graced us the opportunity during our Jihaad Week to give a lecture on Ar-Raheeq Al-Mukhtoom as a way of helping us to sustain our eemaan and also we taking from its lessons words of encouragement to keep the Sunnah going in such environment. حفظه الله وزاده علما ورزقا..
Name: Aboo Aamaal
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 5:31PM
Comment: Hafidhahullah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran Abu Hudhayfah.
Name: Abuu Rayyān
Wednesday 21-Apr-2021, 10:11AM
Comment: May ALlaah preserve our honoured teacher upon goodness..