It's A Dangerous Trend, We Told Them, Let's Tell Them Again

Friday 04-Jun-2021, 6:33AM / 1399


Firstly, refuting strange views (be they heresies or what is short of them) and their callers are part and parcel of the Deen. And it will be there forever and ever. But is it is a dangerous arena that only people who are known with uprightness, carefulness, wisdom, etc, are to venture into it. It often involves talking about personalities, and 'araad of people are sacred in Islam.

 كلُّ المسلمِ على المسلمِ حرامٌ مالُهُ وعِرْضُهُ ودَمُهُ
 صحيح ابن ماجه ٣١٩٢

So whoever is talking about individuals should be ready to defend all what he says about his fellow Muslims on the Day of Resurrection. There is no exemption. So it is not a child's play.

Nevertheless, inkaar munkar and amr bil maroof must continue. But know what you are disapproving and approving. Knowledge is a key thing here.

Secondly, there is no doubt that our time is filled with Fitnah mostly caused by youths who are just coming of age, who are ill-experienced and are bereft of wisdom and insight. So unfortunate that these youths do prop up themselves as defenders of the Sunnah and disparagers of innovators! A close look has shown that these people destroy more than they construct. A clear and glaring example is what is going on in a part of Yorubaland.

There is no doubt that most of those who speak about these issues today are ruwaibidaat - unqualified people. If not the free access of the Internet, nobody will know them.

And our Prophet (sallaLaaahu alayhi wasallam) warned the Ummah about such people.

عن أبي هريرة: سيَأتي على النّاسِ سنواتٌ خدّاعاتُ يصدَّقُ فيها الكاذِبُ ويُكَذَّبُ فيها الصّادِقُ ويُؤتَمنُ فيها الخائنُ ويُخوَّنُ فيها الأمينُ وينطِقُ فيها الرُّوَيْبضةُ قيلَ وما الرُّوَيْبضةُ قالَ الرَّجلُ التّافِهُ في أمرِ العامَّةِ

صحيح ابن ماجه ٣٢٧٧

These ruwaibidaat will cause untold hardship on the Ummah by their false dispositions. May Allaah save us from all their evil.

It is a dangerous trend therefore for those who ascribe themselves to the Sunnah to stand on one another's necks in mutual rancour and wrangling whereby they throw one another away from the Sunnah.

That's khaarijiyyah in disguise!

The Khawaarij will leave the people of shirk and bid'ah and face their fellow Muslims causing them harm unheard of.

يقتُلُونَ أَهْلَ الإسلامِ، ويدَعونَ أهْلَ الأوثانِ

صحيح الجامع ٢٢٢٧

So those ascribing themselves to the Sunnah need to be careful lest they share in the traits of the Khawaarij while they don't know.

So we need to say it again, you may come again and vituperate, that is nothing, our brothers need to be careful. This your manhaj of let's 'open his own book too' is dangerous and self-inflicting. It suggests that you are always suspicious of one another, and you hunt for one another's failings.

عن أبي برزة الأسلمي والبراء بن عازب: يا مَعْشَرَ مَن آمن بلسانِه ولم يَدْخُلِ الإيمانُ قلبَه، لا تغتابوا المسلمينَ، ولا تَتَّبِعُوا عَوْراتِهِم، فإنه مَن تَتَبَّعَ عَوْرَةَ أَخِيه المسلمِ، تَتَبَّعَ اللهُ عَوْرَتَه، ومَن تَتَبَّعَ اللهُ عَوْرَتَه، يَفْضَحْهُ ولو في جوفِ بيتِه.

صحيح الجامع ٧٩٨٤

If your lot is to look for your brothers' faults your own faults will be exposed too (through any means) even if you hide under the apron of your mother!

So all of you in wanton tajreeh and tabdee are coming to fail! You will first implode then explode, Inshaa Allaah. Can't you see the implosion already? You will 'refute' and 'refute' until there is no one else to refute but yourselves!

Are you not there already? 

'If you gather a group of Khawaarij in a house, they will not come out until they declare one another Kaafir.'

That is where you are heading to now if you but know.

May Allaah save us and you from any semblance with the people of heresies.

Lastly, while we talk to 'those' brothers over there, our brothers 'here' who hate that real and confirmed people of heresies like that Agege man and his goons be talked about should stop thinking so. The people of Bid'ah and their heresies are not things the Ummah should close eyes to. If you say we should keep quiet - implicitly or otherwise - about bid'ah and its callers then you want to turn this Deen to that of Christians and Jews.

Being soft towards the Ikhwaan Muslimoon and other heretical groups is dangerous. Promoting those who close eyes to them or want us to cooperate with them is equally dangerous.

That's an example.

We should all strive to be on the path of Sunnah and the legacies of the Righteous Salaf.

So we should always be watchful of our actions and dispositions lest we fall into ifraat (going beyond the limits) or tafreet (being short of the limits). All of them are blameworthy with our Lord the Mighty.

I seek Allaah's peace and benedictions on the noblest of men. 

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