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Saturday 04-Sep-2021, 1:52AM / 337

The Da'wah of Ikhwaan Muslimoon is problematic from its outset.

It aims at bringing all kinds of Muslims together irrespective of their heresies, with a serious and calculated tilt from correcting those heresies, hence a lot of compromises of the matters of the Deen.

It focuses on the goal (which is capturing the power) and sacrificing the real aim of the Deen along the way (which is Tawheed and Sunnah). Thus this has beget a lot of hydra-headed problems for the Ummah viz. Osama bin Ladins, khawaarijs, alliances with the Shia, even sometimes saying the problem of Islam with the Jews is territorial not religious, among other heresies.

The practical applicability of that is well-known here. Doesn't TMC, as an offshoot of Ikhwaan in Nigeria, say emphasizing Tawheed, matters of Aqeedah, some aspects of the physical Sunnah (like Muslim men not dragging their cloths below the ankles, Muslim women wearing the niqaab), etc, are divisive and are trivial issues? Doesn't TMC partake, overtly and covertly, in democratic politics? Etc... 

Tadaamun is in Ibadan with its jaundiced Da'wah the like of the TMC's.

Ta'awun is in Iwo as political jobbers fatting on 'Palestinian Struggle.'

MSSN, the A-Zone B-Zone type, is there too with its blended Da'wah. So confused an outfit that one will wonder if it is now a pressure group.

So that is just some of the problem with the organisation, or if you like the movement or Nizom (sic).

So keeping quiet about the menace of Ikhwaan Muslimoon is dangerous.

Ẹ má bínú.

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