A Beneficial Social Meeting of 24th October at Ẹdẹ

Monday 25-Oct-2021, 12:27AM / 1378

So pleased to be at the nikaah event of the daughter of my friend and guide, Abu Sakeenah, Ismaeel bn Siraaj. I was honoured to be the director of the event, all the way from the Big City. Abu Sakeenah was instrumental to my more-than-a-decade stay in Ede.

Abu Sakeenah is one of those young scholars of the Deen imparting knowledge on others. An expert and master in Ilm Rijaal - that branch of hadeeth sciences that has to do with history of narrators of hadeeth. We immensely benefited so much from him in our group studies back in Ede and our joint journeys to learn from the mashaayikh in Nigeria. Hafidhahullaah. 

Also at the event were mashaayikh such as Abu Naasir, Abu Hanoon, Abu Mutmainnah, Abu Khadeejah, etc.

Our dear Shaykh, Abdulwahhaab Ajia, whom we drank from his ocean of knowledge as direct students some years back, came all the way from Ilorin to do the Aqd on behalf of his student, Abu Sakeenah. Hafidhahullaah. 

Our teacher, Ash-Shaykh Abu Naasir, gave a very short beneficial talk on the virtue of giving out one's daughter at early age. So touching. Hafidhahullaah.

A very beneficial event filled with people of knowledge and honour. There was a subtle Ihya of the permissibility of entrusting someone with doing the Aqd of one's daughter with a man. 

I personally appreciate Shaykh Ajia for his correcting me on an Aqeedah blunder I made while describing the Hand of Allaah at the event. By Allaah, that's what we knew him for in our sittings with him at Ilorin those years. May Allaah continue to protect him from all evils and safeguard him on the Sunnah.

أحسبه والله حسيبه ولا أزكيه على الله. 

May Allaah bless the union of Abu Sakeenah's daughter with her husband, al-Akh Ismaeel.

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Name: Jibril Abdulrahman Babangida
Monday 25-Oct-2021, 12:40AM
Comment: Alhamdulillah. Barokallohu fihi.
Name: Tajudeen Samsideen Abiodun
Monday 25-Oct-2021, 2:03AM
Comment: BarakAllahu Fee.
Name: Adeagbo Asimiyu Adedeji
Monday 25-Oct-2021, 2:34AM
Comment: Barakallahu fiikum.
Name: Ismaheel Ishaq
Monday 25-Oct-2021, 3:43AM
Comment: Masha Allah! Baarokalahu feekum.