Don't Undermine the Effect of the Internet

Wednesday 03-Nov-2021, 1:17AM / 267

It has become a reality in this era that it is a tremendous channel of communication. I don't know where the Communication theorists will group it; whether Hot or Cold Media. 

It is used for several purposes - negative and positive, it seems the latter is much.

In the Muslim circles, people use it quite well. The khawaarij, the Shia, the Sufiyyah, the Jabatas, the neo-Jabatas, the Ghulaat, the lax, the Mumayyi'ah, the Surooriyyah, the Ikhwaaniyyah, the Hizbiyyah, etc. Even Jama'atu Tableegh, as conservative and mediocre it is in its Nashqabandi call, is not taking it for granted.

So you too use it for good causes: righteousness, halal business, good manners, Sunnah, Salafiyyah, etc.

If you don't use it for good purposes, know that you are one of those corrupting the land.

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