To the Brothers on the Sa'afiqah and Musa'afiqah Divides

Thursday 04-Nov-2021, 1:22AM / 286

Nevertheless, we counsel the brothers on the Sa'afiqah and Musa'afiqah divides, in South West Nigeria, to take it easy with one another. The inevitable wrangling shouldn't be anybody's joy. The matter, and the 'other one', is the type that has made the people of Sunnah all over the world sadly fragmented such that the bid'ah they seek to commonly fight is gaining back its lost ground, the last Maulid Nabiyy noise should awaken a sensible person to that. It should trouble you that the Sufis and the Shia are becoming more brazen in their Dalaalah! 

The energy the people of Sunnah use against one another on their mutually perceived errors is enough to deal a serious blow on bid'ah, Shirk and their callers, Inshaa Allaah.

By Allaah, if we continue this way into another decade, it is going to be a serious setback, except Allaah wills. Alhamdulilaah for those scholars and students that are not involved in any way, they are going to be our pride after the unnecessary battle of supremacy, battle of my shuyookh are more steadfast than your shuyookh.

Some of us supposed to get popcorn and 'enjoy' your fight, but it makes no sense, and it makes us stupid too.

But if you refuse to accept this kind of advice that many other scholars have issued out for long and at the present time, we will still not scorn you when you annihilate one another, because that's where you are heading, any Muslim with a good sight can see that, we will however continue to pray to Allaah that He should give you some sense.

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