To Our Sunnah Bloggers

Monday 08-Nov-2021, 10:50PM / 253

Please, our brothers in the blogging stuff or whatever, let the defence of Sunnah and war against the bid'ah be your guiding principle, avoid getting enmeshed in personal issues and vendettas, though they may have some religious colour. Always resist the urge when it comes. 

These litigations here and there, now and then, are becoming tiring. There are some matters you just close your eyes to. Remember, you need to win some of these folks over. Going to court over some issues will only make the fight a protracted one and it may get messier and diabolical. People can go to any length to defend their source of income; they can maim and kill. May Allaah continue to protect you but khudhuu hizhrakum ('take your precautions').

Teach the populace the basics of their religion, refute deviations where necessary with wisdom, knowledge and courtesy. Avoid direct attacks. Don't allow matters like this waste your time. Be told that, little by little matters like these make one forget knowledge. Interviewing witnesses, going on stealth investigations or otherwise, tinkering the proofs and evidences together, etc, will have a toll on what we have memorized of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah.

May Allaah continue to protect you, O Muslim bloggers on the path of Sunnah. Please look into this.

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