LAUTECH: A Message to Our 'No-nonsense' Brothers

Saturday 20-Nov-2021, 11:17PM / 514

We don't need to know the religious orientation of that Muslim who is harrassed by anybody, due to his Islam, before we come to his rescue. Even when we know the orientation, and it differs from ours, we will still help. Islam is one family, it has ethos that unite all of us, whenever any of those ethos is being trampled upon then we must rise even when the bearer of the ethos is somewhat on some other blemishes.

Therefore, those now saying why did the husband agreed to allow his wife to study the course or what was the woman doing in the school, should please save us from that cacophony.

There are one to ten reasons she could have been there, or any other Muslim sister could have. The reasons may be genuine or otherwise. A circumstance, not a Darurah as some of you may think, could have 'forced' her to be there. In fact, she or her husband might not even know there is anything wrong in her being there. Yet there could be geniune reasons, yes genuine reasons - stemmed in masaalih.

The bottom line is, she is there for a reason. Agreed, it may not be tenable and it may. She is now harassed, will you now turn the other face and say 'it served her right' or 'onpe', as someone said on one of my threads yesterday? The harassment will leave that shore and land on the street and come to your doorstep except if Allaah wills. 

But now, I am very sure, those who have that mindset of harassing our niqaab sisters everywhere will be in jitters now. It will now be 'hey, don't touch them O if you don't want to see the anger of the Muslims.'

By Allaah, I believe the commendable action of all the Muslims that rose to occasion is a security for my and your wives, and daughters, in Niqaab. Please kindly agree with me. 

Agreed, that Muslim women study their Deen is better and best. You are correct and we are with you on that, in fact that is what we preach that we are almost dubbed 'Boko Haram of Yorubaland'. But know that if you preach it from today till tomorrow, some other people, men and women, will go for this mundane knowledge, and it has its usefulness too, in fact, no be small.

By Allaah, we have brothers, and sisters, in this Boko line doing fine in their Deen. I am aware of Muslim Professors and PhD holders, not to talk of several other boko people, who dropped their kids in various Qur'an memorization centres after their primary or secondary education. And conversely we are aware of Keu people who now have more flair for the boko for their kids.

Therefore, our 'no-nonsense' brothers should tread it softly abeg.

Let the salvo on  I-am-also-a-Muslim professor continue until he surrenders unconditionally.

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Name: Ridwan Atolagbe
Sunday 21-Nov-2021, 5:18PM
Comment: Jazaakumullaahu khaeran my Ustaadh.