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Abu Mazeedah - the misguided Ikhwaani bigot - wrote:

'It's quite unfortunate that both Nurudeen Fadhlu Al-Imam and Sharaf Gbadebo have allowed themselves to be cheaply used by those who have nothing to offer the Deen; but indeed, have a mission to disintegrate the Ummah.' End of qoute. 

I say: The pain is palpable in him such that he surreptitiously stripped the two doctors of their doctoral titles. Where is the fairness his ilk always claim? I am very sure that if he meets any of them physically he dare not address them as he has done here.

I have said it that whoever wants to cry foul should carry on. You have the inaneliable privilege to cry your people a river.

To you, Abu Mazeedah and your gang, Dr Sharaf and Dr Faadil can never be your heroes. You are not on the same path. You are an unrepentant hizbee and they are not. They are in the forefront of a campaign against partisan Islam for many years now. So what should we expect from you and your cronies?

The Da'wah today, tomorrow and till Qiyaamah is Salafiyyah, inshaa Allaah. You either align with it - with Ikhlaas - or you will be left behind. You ought to have seen the sign on the wall before now, Abu Mazeedah. Didn't you predict a disarray within the Salafees? Were you not happy when there was a semblance of that disarray? One thing you don't know about the Da'wah is that what drives it is derived from clear proofs of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah as premised on the understanding of the Salaf.

You must be sad that the Salafees are back on their feet. You must really be sad. Say it you are not. Will you? 

Abu Mazeedah, you wrote:

'I am a Muslim who strives to adhere to the Quran and Sunnah; and that's enough description for any Omoluabi like me.' End of quote. 

Abu Mazeedah, in this age, many people make claims of adhering to the Qur'aan and Sunnah yet they are heretics. Tell us, how do you want to understand both the Divine Revelations? On your own understanding or that of Babas?

So what is the crime of those who say they will limit their understanding of the Texts to what the Salaf were upon? 

And you have the gut to call them Salafools? Are you not the real fool? 

We have always said it, the Salafees - your albatross - are not perfect as human beings not even as Muslims but what they stand upon is perfect. So don't use any human failing from any of them to blackmail what they stand upon. None of us uses your human failing to judge you Islam but your actual dispositions to that Islam itself.

Take it, this Da'wah has its self-cleansing mechanism, and its scholars are its heroes.

You said the two amiable scholars allowed themsleves to be blackmailed by the Salafee youths! That's a mischievous conclusion from you. Rather, it is the power of the truth that made the two scholars to stand by the truth. For that, they remain respected by all the lovers of the truth. The haters of the truth will, of course, hate them, they can hate on. No doubt you are one of those haters.

Wait a minute Broda, haven't you given a thought that why are these Salafees getting more and more stronger by the day despite their lack of funds, organizational cosmetics, etc? No Ameer, no Naqeeb, no Mandub! Yet everywhere they are they are the jewels of the people. Why do you think it is so?

Abu Mazeedah, it is the power of truth vested in Salafiyyah - the Da'wah of 'bring your proofs if you are truthful.'

This is what all our scholars do that make them apples of our eyes. Proofs ni o!

We - the scholars and the learners - all move around the Proofs, this is what makes you and your buddies think we are fools.

It is now clear who is a fool! 

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Name: Sambo Jamiu Shauaib
Sunday 30-Jan-2022, 8:20AM
Comment: ولو شاء الله لجعلكم أمة واحدة.