Let's Fear Allaah When It Comes to Polygyny

Saturday 30-Apr-2022, 1:17PM / 117

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 
I was sad to come across a cluster of Muslim sisters talking down albeit stylishly and brazenly the institution of polygyny (if you like call it polygamy) in Islam.

I could read from their comments this odious Yoruba mentality of bastardising and blackmailing this veritable institution of Islam due to the perceived failings of some Muslim men of Sunnah extractions regarding this phenomenon.

The usual cry, that those Yoruba locals used to cry about, is the imagined marginalisation of the 'first wife' after the man marries the second and the third etc.

So saddening that those who do not know whether they will eventually end up the fourth wife (though they may be the first wife now) are rubbishing the concept with emotions and sentiments. O women, fear Allaah and fear His Wrath.

Never you by whatever guise hate whatever Allaah makes permissible in His Shariah by the failings of some individuals.

One, Muslims, men and women, can never be perfect. Two, that one, me-and-my-husband-alone, that many of you crave for is all time dangerous for you. Do you wabt your husbands to fornicate about like the Christians do? Thank your Lord, Jihaad Shar'i is almost not there again (we pray it comes back soonest), if about 50,000 husbands die at a swoop, I wonder if you will come online to say men who marry second wives are not nice to the firsts.

You should better be grateful to Allaah you have a man 'treating you bad' as a first wife. I am very sure those ladies who had left their homes based on that are not finding easy now. Many of them want to go back to that 'wicked man.' I have facts for this, sisters.

So, sisters, never you come out in the public and send insinuations of a bad home to us. Fear Allaah, if indeed that husband of yours is not as guilty as you said, Allaah will ask you for painting him bad to us. And if he is guilty, as you claim, then you are surreptitiously backbiting him.

Please fear all, all of you, with no exception. Don't bring such issues to public again. When you persist in doing so, you send a message that you are highly irresponsible. Wait, when last did you see any of us men saying rubbish about your roles at home? 

We too, men, we will fear Allaah.

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