The Weakest Analogy of Pro-Democracy Muslim Theologians of South West Nigeria

Wednesday 11-May-2022, 11:28AM / 59

They say but the Muslims of Northern Nigeria are en masse in democracy and their scholars support them. So do South West Muslim scholars know more than the scholars of the North?

One, that's an inferiority complex.

Two, Islamic knowledge is not a regional affair. There was a time the best of the Muslim scholars were in Andalusia, at another time, at Iraq, at another time at Khurasan. 

Three, northern Nigeria has the largest population of Muslims but very unfortunately 70% of them are Sufis. So are those whom you are referring to? The Sufis of Kano alone will almost surpass the Muslims of South West! Don't forget Dahiru Bauchi of Kaduna, have you seen his Tafseer venues before? 

Four, the people of Sunnah among the 30% are variegated. Taraiqa qidadan - Harakis, jihaadis, hizbis, and of course, siyaasis. Here the Izalas will come to mind and the Garakawis of Kaduna. By Allaah, the Salafis among them are a handful. I schooled at ABU Zaria, 1999-2001 the prevailing thoughts on campus was harakiyyah. Until I came down south, OAU Ile Ifè, to be specific, that I came across Salafiyyah, Walhamdulilah rabbil aalameen. So what are you talking about?

Is not this same North that produced monsters that would assassinate scholars at will. Shaykh Ja'far Mahmud was killed so also was Al-Albaanee Zaria and countless others in Gombe, Bauchi and other places.

Is not the same North that gave birth to the Boko Haram (now ISWAP) and Anasaru madness? And these new bandits who kidnap people shouting Allaah hu-Akbar! Is there anything like that in the South? It can never thrive, Inshaa Allaah, I told someone some days ago. The mechanism to nip it in the bud is there. You can ask the Olukades and the Jabatas, they were intellectually cut to their sizes. Why do you think the Agege people are crying of pains of recent? Let's appreciate those whom Allaah used in achieving this.

And don't forget Zakzakyy...hmm, come and see how his sheep used to jog after him from Gyelesu to PZ in Zaria those days, while he rode in a posh car. Abeg!

So stop citing the north as a proof for our need to participate in democracy. The selling thing in the north is democracy, that's just it. Even when they used it to smuggle in a 'Shariah' it was not long when it became a shamble. Obasanjo did say, it would fizzle out with tike, and it did. The real Shariah will never fizzle out Inshaa Allaah. 

So let's go back to the pristine message of Islam and stop all this intellectual rigmarole.

Follow the Kitaab, the Sunnah and what the Companions were upon.


What else do you have? 

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