The Christians are the most troublesome and fanatical preachers in Nigeria... A Cluster of Real Life Experiences

Friday 20-May-2022, 4:01PM / 465

Sometime in 2020 while still in Ede, if you know where the Redeemer's Seminary is located, my residence used to be around that area so it is always easy for those Christians to troop out and preach to the Muslims of the area who are obviously the largest, you know the land grabbing thing by the Redeemer's Church in Ede.

So it happened one morning when a Christian pastor with a lady came close to our house and not very far from the masjid and started preaching.

Sincerely, the community of Muslims in that area had been an headache to them even though they came and met the Muslims there.

So he started his preaching, before Subh Prayer fa,

'If you like you go to Mosque, if you like toy go to Makkah, if you like...if you like....if you like...'

I was preparing to go to the masjid when the bad preaching started.

Out of anger, of course, I needed to be angry, though I was cautious, I went in their direction with a torch in hand.

When I got to where he was standing dishing out the gate message, I shone the torch at his face to really capture whom he was.

I asked him: 'Please wait, do you think I can come to the gate of your seminary up there and start saying whoever dies believing Jesus is God would enter the fire?'

He was dumbfounded.

I told him never should he come close to our Masjid area again with his stupid preaching.

He left with the lady shamelessly.

Around 2003 I was travelling in a public bus from Ondo to Ikire, it was on a Sunday.

We had not gone far on that journey when a pastor in the bus said, 'ladies and gentlemen, I am sure we are supposed to be in our different churches now but for one reason or the other we are here. Can we just turn this bus to our church service?'

Before I could raise an objection, they had all agreed and pronto they actually began singing and clapping.

There were about three Muslims in the bus, I was one of them.

Though I managed to shout them down but they were adamant and they felt guilty.

Around 2000, I was travelling from Ilorin to Ibadan in a public bus when a pastor started preaching in the bus, I stopped him and all the Muslims in the bus joined me in asking him to keep quiet. It was in Ilorin so no radarada.

When my late dad was hospitalised at OAUTHC in 2005, some Christians came to Male Medical Ward on a Sunday and started preaching from bed to bed with the connivance of the nurses on duty.

I was like they would not come near our bed, seeing me with my dad. They still had the effontery to come.

'Let's pray,' one of them said.

I scolded them that were they blind. There was almost a commotion in the ward because I was terribly angry. Some of the nurses had to disappear because I was threatening to report them to authorities (accomplices though).

Until my dad was discharged the nurses were angry with me, I didn't even give a damn. Of course some of their ogas like Dr Sharif Aderibigbe were my colleagues in the university so they dare not misbehave. Lol.

I once narrated how a lecturer at OAU Ile-Ife once made jest of my beard, that it made me look like a goat.

I said he was a fool.

He ran towards me to slap me.

I dared him and he chickened out.

From Ife to Ikire one day, a Christian lady began to preach directly behind from my seat. Her spittles were falling on me so copiously that I asked to stop, that I could not take the torrents again.

Of course she stopped and gave me a bad eye when I alighted.

Below are some of my readers' similar experiences:

Brother Abdulateef Abdulwaasi wrote:

Ustaadh, may Allaah grant we the muslims Istiqaamah and Thabaat. 

I condemn the barbarian act of the brothers in Sokoto.

but without doubt, You see those christian folks sir, alot of them are not advocate of peace, they are troublemakers, at my Masjid here in Ogun state, there is this guy that always come to near our  masjid early in the morning while we are praying fajr and start shouting accept Jesus into ur lives, I know of another masjid like that too, some people who have witnessed such too will also testify to this their act.

we saw alot while we were in school. in my class we were only 2 muslims. a faced alot from my coursemates then, there was a day i came late to class, when I entered the class, the first thing the lecturer asked me was, why is ur trouser above the ankle??

i knocked him out with knowledge  and since that day he wouldnt dare me. alot like that from our christian folks. 

if not for Sunnah and striven to acquire knowledge, they would have showed us pepper. but Lillaahil Hamd.

Bro AbdulKareem Olatunji also added:

There was a similar one that imam told during Khutbah yesterday. He said during his undergraduate level at university of Ibadan,at exact moment they were on Rukuh where everything will be seren. Then that lady stood up in the midst of the female and started saying all of you will enter fire 🔥 if you don't accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. Imagine such an ugly incident in the masjid. Had it been it's in the North,the lady will be killed honestly but as the situation was in UI she was let go scout free.
The hypocrite Christians are the ones troubling us but the media is always in their back.
AllahuL Mustahaan

Bro Tanimowo Sadeeq added:

Some years back, I had planned to read a few more pages before getting to exam hall. But unfortunately  a Christian guy sitting next to me started his evangelism and I couldn't 
Read a complete sentence until I alighted.

He also wrote:
I once sat alone close to my department when a Christian guy came to me with the aim of preaching the word of God.
I asked if he is a student and which department. He said he is studying Biology. 
I pointed at the Biology lab and told him that there is a lecture going on in his department. He left quietly.

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